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Kevin Alejandro

Kevin Alejandro Talks Getting A New Boss While Lucifer And Dan Bond

Alejandro was at Comic-Con this year and did round-table interviews with reporters and our own Kaitlyn Booth was on hand to see what he thought about the upcoming season.Earlier we ran an article with Tom Ellis talking about the dynamic between Lucifer and new character Marcus Pierce being played by Tom Welling Here, Aledjandro talks[...]

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis Says Tom Welling's Character Will Make Lucifer Feel Insecure

On the other hand, Tom Welling's new character of Marcus Pierce will be a potential love interest for Chloe and make Lucifer feel a bit insecure Where Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) was Chloe's ex, Lucifer never saw him as an equal Ellis says that is very different with with Welling's character as they're even the[...]

Lucifer season 3

The Lucifer Season 3 Sizzle Reel From Comic-Con

Earlier it was announced that Tom Welling of Smallville would be joining the cast of Lucifer in season 3 as a potential love interest for Detective Chloe Decker Now we have the sizzle reel Fox / WBTV showed at the Comic-Con panel today It shows an interesting mash-up of images that will make you believe[...]

Tom Welling

Tom Welling Joins The Cast Of Lucifer Season 3

Tom Welling is returning to television as a series regular on the Fox series Lucifer TVLine is reporting that Wellig will play Marcus Pierce, a well-respected police lieutenant who is reserved and very strategic.. everything Lucifer isn't But they're both charming, charismatic and handsome.. and you guessed it, Pierce and Chloe Decker have a connection[...]

Tom Welling Says Supergirl Return Would Be "Kind Of Odd"

Though Smallville star Tom Welling has not been approached to return as Clark Kent on CBS's Supergirl, he fielded the question about returning; a possibility he regarded as "kind of odd."The question was posed by Buzzfeed's Jarret Wieselman when he talked to the actor, according to The Wrap Approaching it from a performance viewpoint, Welling[...]

Could Clark Kent Be About To Defect To Marvel?

Tom Welling is just days away from his lengthy tenure in Smallville finally coming to a close A great time, then, to be looking at other offers Hopefully these will be good offers too, and not just an invite to run along Dean Cain Ave., right down the hillside and into the Old West ghost[...]

The New Superman Suit, In Smallville's Fortress Of Solitude

As Smallville comes to a close, the time is coming for the final weave of frustrating* teases. Perhaps the biggest will see Clark donning his Superman suit, probably for no more than just a few seconds, a minute or two on the outside. Here's an image of the suit, which comes from a gallery of […]