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First Appearances of Gambit and Blade Get Facsimile Editions in November

But her latest score at an art collector’s mansion lands her in a trap led by the Shadow King! Luckily, Storm isn’t the only mutant thief burgling the mansion that night…but can even the man called Gambit help her escape the Shadow King’s deadly Hounds? And elsewhere, the chilling Nanny and the Orphan-Maker have their[...]

Legendary Comic Book Artist Gene Colan Has Died

Colan is perhaps best remembered for his stylish, brooding work on Marvel's 1970s Tomb of Dracula series, but the artist's lengthy career spanned both titles and decades, beginning with Fiction House's Wings Comics in 1944 and including a number of memorable hilights such as Iron Man, Daredevil and Doctor Strange in the Silver Age, Howard the[...]

Gene Colan Moves To Rehab

After a recent operation, mentioned on Bleeding Cool last week, the comics legend Gene Colan has left hospital for rehab. However, he has decided that he won't be going home afterwards and that he's looking for a hospice to provide long term care, for the rest of his life. While he is no longer drawing, […]