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Here's How To Get Every Single Issue of The Walking Dead for Just $18

Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment are currently offering, until May 20th, 2020, what looks like all of The Walking Dead comics on the Humble Bundle platform. The Book Industry Charitable Foundation is the charity which Image and Skybound chose to support with the profits from the bundle. Ignoring the value proposition of 30 plus trades […]

Bleeding Gen Con: Two Of The Best Four Days In Gaming

It has been selling fairly steadily since then.The big announcement has to be the new licenses announced by Pinnacle Entertainment Group: they will produce Savage Worlds-based games based on the Fear Agent comic from Rick Remender, Tony Moore and Jerome Opeña, the Goon comic by Eric Powell and a Flash Gordon game No details were released yet for any of these[...]

Swipe File: Tony Moore's Judge Dredd And eBay

  The original sketch is being sold by spartacus-is-cool on eBay...Though it does bear a similarity to this original Judge Dredd commission by Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore...In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences or works of the lightbox[...]

Jason Aaron And Tony Moore Tell A Zombie Comic Across A Six Pack

Chicago craft brewery, Arcade Brewery, announced today that it will release its first volume of 6-Pack Stories tomorrow. Festus Rotgut: Zombie Cowboy is a western zombie comic by Jason Aaron and Tony Moore across six bottles of Black Wheat Ale The beer was brewed after the story has been created...“Since there are zombies, I immediately thought something dark,” said[...]

World's Worst Copy Of Walking Dead #1 Sells For $754

Well, yes, that is kinda incredible. A copy of The Walking Dead, slabbed in the worst condition possible, a 0.5 grading from CG, has sold on eBay for $754 after 47 bids. In comparison, an unslabbed copy of Walking Dead #1 in VF+ condition sold for $550 in December. I'm not sure exactly how that […]

Tony Moore Says Sorry

Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore posted to Facebook and well as another version to his Tumblr; I know for a fact that I've got a well-earned shitty reputation as far as reliability and responsibility in any sense is concerned I've flushed a lot of great things right down the toilet, and forced a lot of the[...]

Writer-Owned? Or Creator-Owned?

Such as this Twitter discussion between Rick Remender and Cory Walker in the light of the Walking Dead case over the ownership of Strange Girl.Because, yes, Tony Moore sued Robert Kirkman over the rights to The Walking Dead, a case now happily settled If that had gone to court, a number of people were wondering[...]

The Apocalypse Never Tasted So Good: The Snacking Dead Is Coming…

By Hannah Means-Shannon It's coming soon, in fact just in time to be useful for Halloween on October 29th 2013, the cookbook no one has been waiting for but that quite a few people will probably get a real kick out of it. It's The Snacking Dead: A Parody in a Cookbook inspired by elements […]

Neal Adams' The Walking Dead

Neal Adams is adding his art to new printings of Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore's The Walking Dead #1 for Wizard World, the colour version being given away next weekend at Wizard World New York Comic Con to all full price attendees, the black-and-white to VIP attendees, those who buy premiere packages.Someone is already trying[...]

Los Muertos Vivientes…

And now the comic book is going to catch up.The Walking Dead will be translated into Spanish, beginning with volume one by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, in September Then new collections will come out every three months.So that means only around five years to catch up...I suppose any quicker wouldn't have been very..[...]

A Western Comic From Rick Remender And Tony Moore… Sometime

When we met Tony Moore he more or less confirmed with a coy smile and a "Possibly". A quick check with Tony Moore gave Bleeding Cool an "I do not deny the validity of this man's testimony, but we've each got some new stuff in the pipes for the less-distant future" response, which Rick Remender concurred with.So,[...]

The Walking Dead Gets A Price Change

Recently, The Walking Dead Volume 1 went out of print, which led to a mini-run on the trade paperback, with people paying slightly more for it. Turns out that's going to be a permanent situation. Not the out-of-printness, but the pricing. Since publication, the book has been priced at $9.99, to encourage people to try […]

Tuesday Runaround – A Very Dandy Day

A VERY DANDY DAYThe British media goes apeshit over the end of The Dandy in print and its launch as a digital publication.THE WALKING HACKYesterday, someone rather epicly hacked Tony Moore's tumblr, to a rather insane degree: "Dearest `Tumblr’ users, We have taken the liberty of upgrading your (rather tasteless, we must say) blog to our premier[...]

Comic Con Wars Break Out In Cincinnati

It's being funded by a Kickstarter appeal, is sponsored by Things From Another World and labelled  "The Convention Cincinnati Deserves"However, Cincinnati already has a comic convention, the CCE, looking forward to its fourth year, at the Duke Energy Center, already scheduled for the 13th to the 15th September 2013, a week after the date the[...]

Interview: Tony Moore – The Walking Dude

Alex Wilson writes for Bleeding Cool;Tony Moore goes along the convention circuit every year, attending major events in the comic book industry and talking with excited fans Moore is currently working on a run of “Deadpool” with Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan I talked with Moore about Deadpool, his life in the industry, and his[...]

Robert Kirkman And Tony Moore Settle Over The Walking Dead

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Walking Dead co-creators Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore have reached an agreement regarding the comic book and TV show, after Moore launched a lawsuit earlier this year.Moore had quite heatedly stated that Kirkman intentionally deceived him when persuading him to sign a contract transferring rights to Kirkman and that he[...]