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"Stranger Things 4" Video Store Fridays: "Zoolander", "Skyfall" & More

Welcome to this week's edition of Stranger Things 4 writers' "Video Store Fridays" (VSF) – and in this age of self-quarantining and social distancing, viewing recommendations are needed now more than ever. If you've been here before, you know how this works: five movies that were on the minds of the Netflix series' writers that […]

New Horror Streaming for January on Netflix, Hulu, and More!

Horror fans have a lot to look forward to streaming in January. Hulu is adding a ton of films based on the works of Stephen King, including Children of the Corn, Cujo, Silver Bullet, Thinner, The Dead Zone, and more. Not to mention Beetlejuice. Netflix adds The Strangers, The Addams Family, I Know What You […]

Big Action Clip From Total Recall

I saw an extended, but less polished version of this Total Recall scene at Comic-Con last summer. Now, one year on, it's ended up online as part of the broader marketing for the film. There was a version in bootleg form doing the rounds in the interim too, I think. Why do they keep using […]

Kate Beckinsale Does Her Best Sharon Stone In First Clip From Total Recall

Short but not particularly sweet, this clip from Total Recall premiered on Ellen when Kate Beckinsale was a guest earlier in the week. I'd probably find it easier to review baby food than I would to divine much of specific interest in that clip. It's not just that it's so short, it's also that it's […]

Now You Can Watch The Total Recall Trailer With A Director's Commentary

Director Len Wiseman has recorded a pretty much scene-by-scene audio commentary for the Total Recall trailer. Curiously, he leaves a few blank patches even though there's only two minutes and twenty five seconds to fill – but that may be a result of MTV's edit. Movie Trailers – Movies Blog So Wiseman says he wanted […]

Monday Trending Topics: Recall, Recall, Recall

Like pretty much everyone, I've been skeptical yet intrigued by the idea of a Total Recall remake — and this first full trailer does a good job of both evoking the original and moving the needle more towards intrigued.  Alasdair Stuart does an excellent job of breaking it all down and telling us why we […]

Full Trailer For Total Recall – And Nine Thoughts About It

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool. Video: Total Recall – full trailer Welcome to the future! Again! It's 2012 and Total Recall has been remembered for us wholesale by a whole new bunch of film makers. I find it utterly appropriate, and weirdly metatextual, that Len Wiseman's behind the lens on this one. He's ended […]

Total Recall Posters Reveal That Film Has Swapped Mars For… England?

The most interesting thing in this new motion poster for Total Recall is not the actual motion of Colin Farrell dissipating like a fart on the wind (though we're all very impressed by that), but rather the backdrop for all that hot graphics action. This poster originated over at JoBlo, but it takes a keen-eyed Brit […]

A Teaser For The Trailer For Total Recall

Here's a bit of the upcoming trailer for Total Recall a la Len Wiseman. Like fragments of a memory you haven't had yet – or something like that, eh? Video: Total Recall – promo spot The whole thing will go online this Sunday, if I recall correctly.

First Total Recall Footage Seems To Be Leaked Wondercon Promo

The first appearance of this Total Recall clip, as far as I can tell, came watermarked with Comicon at the head. I guess it was being set up for screening at Wondercon this weekend. Most of this footage was amongst the extended, if unfinished, sequence I saw at Comicon last Summer, in fact. All of […]

Impressions Of Total Recall Footage And Pre-Vis Played In Hall H

Though Total Recall has a long way to go, and is estimated to be just half way through production, Len Wiseman and Sony have brought a sequence along to Comic-Con. Apparently comprised of the first footage shot, the scene shows what happens when our protagonist Douglas Quaid, as played by Colin Farrell, goes to Recall […]

New Sneaky Snaps From The Set Of Total Recall

It might not have Arnold Schwarzenegger or (other) triple-breasted women, but we now have evidence that the modes of a) fashion and b) transportation in next year's Total Recall remake are going to be pretty spiffy. Take a look at these on-set snaps despatched by Ain't It Cool, which feature mainly futuristic type cop cars and […]

Total Recall – We Can Sequelise It For You, Wholesale

What do you picture when you think about the movie Total Recall? Arnie's eyes bugging out or triple breasts? Sadly we get neither on the covers of Total Recall, the comic book from Dynamite in May. Written by Vince Moore and drawn by Cezer Razek, we do however get a bit of ultraviolence from Boys […]

Total Recall Remake To Shoot In March, Colin Farrell Wanted For Starring Role

The new Total Recall, with a script by Equilibrium's Kurt Wimmer and directed by Underworld's Len Wiseman, is now set to finally get rolling in March. Wow. I'm feeling pretty deflated already and I'm only three sentences in. Rarely has a film seemed so uninspiring. Will the casting buoy me? Well, according to The Hollywood […]