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Twilight Court
It was one year ago that Marvel Comics first teased The Twilight Court for the then-upcoming Timeless 2022 comic, which would set up what was coming in 2024 And a year later, we are getting to know them, courtesy of the Avengers Assemble panel at New York Comic Con. Timeless 2023 gave us the first proper[...]
Who's Who In Today's Timeless 2022 #1? (Spoikers)
So who is who in today's Timeless 2022 #1 from Marvel Comics? We have learned all we can about the new Myrrd and wondered if he is the old Myrrd but what about the rest of the Twilight Court? How do they all fit in with the Arthurian vibe playing out across the Marvel Universe[...]
The Twilight Court Of Marvel's Timeless Revealed For 2023 (Spoilers)
A month ago, Marvel Comics teased Timeless 2022 #1 with the Twilight Court, asking who they were. We asked if this was a cosmic or chronological Illuminati for the Marvel Universe, noting Shi'Ar representation, Avengers Endgame time travelling suits for travelling through time? It turns out that they are in league with Kang's new arch-rival Myrddin… And[...]