Free On Bleeding Cool – Uncanny #1 By Andy Diggle And Aaron Campbell

To go along with their Crime Bundle being featured right now on Comixology, Dynamite has given us Uncanny #1 by Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell for you to read for free The bundle contains 48 comics for $9.99, which is a savings of 89% The bundle includes the full six-issue run of Uncanny and the[...]

A Digital Comics Crime Bundle 89% Off Of Regular Price

It's by far one of the best deals on the site right now.The titles included are:• Uncanny #1 - #6: Digital Exclusive Edition • Uncanny Season Two #1 - #6: Digital Exclusive Edition • Miss Fury #1 - #11: Digital Exclusive Edition • Miss Fury Digital #1 + #2 • The Owl #1 = #4: Digital Exclusive Edition • Sherlock[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Uncanny #2 By Andy Diggle And Aaron Campbell

To go with Free Comic Book Day, we have a bunch of free comics for our readers this weekend from Dynamite, all of which tie into the new Groupees Independent bundle being offered up right now from Dynamite, IDW, Image and Oni.And for out last free comic from Dynamite we have Uncanny #2 by Andy[...]

Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Collected Editions For February 2016

These include the first Grumpy Cat hardcover and the second season of Uncanny.GRUMPY CAT Hardcover Cover: Steve Uy Writer: Ben McCool, Royal McGraw, Elliott Serrano, Ben Fisher Art: Steve Uy, Ken Haeser, Tavis Maiden, Agnes Garbowska Format: Hardcover Page Count: 104 pagesDynamite proudly presents the comic book misadventures of Grumpy Cat, featuring "The World's Grumpiest Cat" and her brother, Pokey![...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Uncanny #1 By Diggle And Campbell

Tonight we have Free for our BC readers, Uncanny #1 by Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell The series has spawned a season two from Dynamite Entertainment, but we have the very first issue for you here to enjoy Covers for this first issue were done by Jock and Sean Phillips.To check out Dynamite's full offering[...]

Exclusive First Looks At Bob's Burger And John Carter For Septermber

Plus, we have the final issue of the Andy Diggle / Aaron Campbell Uncanny Season Two.BOB'S BURGERS ONGOING #3 Cover A: Anthony Aguinaldo Cover B: Paul Claerhout Writer: Loren Bouchard, Rachel Hastings, Anneliese Waddington, Brian Hall Art: Anthony Aguinaldo, Hector Reynoso, Mike GuerenaIn the third issue of Volume 2 of the Bob’s Burgers Comic Book, we[...]

Ch-Ch-Changes – U For Uncanny

especially from Marvel and DC Comics.Well, today, here are two from Marvel.The first, that writer Dennis Culver will join the already solicited Chris Burnham on E Is For Extinction #2, part of Marvel's Secret Wars crossover event.And the second, that Kris Anka is no longer drawing Uncanny X-Men #35 as solicited, but by Valerio Schiti[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Uncanny #1 By Andy Diggle And Aaron Campbell

With Uncanny Season 2 just kicking off from Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell, Dynamite has given us the first issue of Season 1 to share with our readers The rest of Uncanny: Season 1 is on sale at Comixology this weekend The cover for issue 1 is done by Jock, who provided covers for all of[...]

Masks 2, Reanimator And Uncanny Season 2 Lead Dynamite's Full April Solicitations

Initially unfazed by West's unorthodox practices (including how he funds his research - by selling zombie brain fluid as a narcotic), Susan may regret her scientific curiosity as sinister forces - those aligned with Elder Gods and Haitian Voodoo - begin to align against the Reanimator!Dynamite Entertainment proudly resurrects The Reanimator, H.P Lovecraft’s notorious mad[...]

Diggle And Campbell Return For Uncanny, Season Two

Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell are coming back for Uncanny Season Two The series published by Dynamite is a modern crime noir with unnatural human abilities, Uncanny: Season Two will feature covers by Diggle's creative partners on The Losers, Jock and Ben Oliver, as well as a cover by interior artist Campbell.Uncanny: Season Two continues the story[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Uncanny #1 From Andy Diggle And Aaron Campbell

Here we have a free issue of Uncanny #1 by Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell. Weaver is unique, or so he thinks Born with an uncanny ability, he can steal other people's skills - their memories, abilities, and expertise - for a limited time A man with a power like that could change the world; but[...]

Full First Issue Of Uncanny From Diggle and Campbell

Today we get Uncanny #1 by writer Andy Diggle, artist Aaron Campbell and covers by Jock The series is about a man named Weaver who has the unique ability to steal other peoples abilities, memories and expertise for a limited time Using his abilities as a gambler and con man, Weaver usually is focused on[...]

Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen Comics – Prophet, Wolverine & The X-Men, Uncanny, X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Fatale, Young Avengers, Catwoman, Morning Glories, Mars Attacks: Classics Obliterated, Godzilla, X-O Manowar, Justice League, Age Of Ultron AI, Superman And Larfleeze

At least I hope he's not talking about Si Spurrier.Uncanny proves why it deserves the title This guys ability to understand and to know an opponents' skill base makes his decisions genuinely look.. uncanny Remind me, what is actually "uncanny" about X-Force these days?Catwoman gets away with total cheesecake scenes as long as its with[...]

The Power Of Uncanny

Jim Zub reports on the sales bump given to Skullkickers by renaming it Uncanny Skullkickers for one issue, in light of Uncanny Avengers and Uncanny X-Force joining Uncanny X-Men at Marvel.Something I'm sure Nicky Barrucci hopes will be repeated with Uncanny #1 and William D Hodge the same with The Uncanny #1.  Jim Zub reports[...]

Uncanny Skullkickers Changes To Savage Skullkickers In March

In February, Skullkickers changed its name to Uncanny Skullkickers, modelled itself after Marvel's current three titles with Uncanny in the name and relaunched with a new issue one Although really it was just issue eighteen with a grab for some new eyeballs and enw orders.Well now they are doing it all again in March, modelling[...]

MarvelNOW! Uncanny X-Force Launches With Sam Humphries And Ron Garney

This is your proper Uncanny X-Force By Sam Humphries and Ron Garney, as teased last week A MarvelNOW! reboot, with details at Comics Alliance.This is the first time there have been two ongoing X-Force comics at the same time And it looks like we might be seeing a different side to London than usual... When the[...]

More Uncanny Avengers Art – And How To Make It Pay

And it's just a start.Here's a look at three more covers to Uncanny Avengers #1, by Daniel Arcuna, Sara Pichelli and John Cassaday.And a little bit of colour art to go with this morning's black and white.. and a cover to A + X while we're at it.We've been reporting that Uncanny Avengers #1 looks[...]

Entertainment Weekly Finally Makes Marvel NOW! Official

Or revisiting." On Uncanny Avengers; Perhaps appropriate for a team that comprises a vision for the Marvel Universe’s future, the Uncanny Avengers’ first villain will be, literally, a ghost of the past “In 1943, Arnim Zola, who was this bio-fanatic engineer, recorded the Red Skull’s consciousness, and set it to wake up 70 years later[...]