Top Five Favourite Panels From Uncanny X-Men #1

Yesterday, Marvel published Uncanny X-Men #1, their very first issue of Uncanny X-Men to bear the #1 numerical, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's version, and al those #1 since have all been Uncannyless. And just as I did with Wolverine And The X-Men I'm picking out my five favourite moments.

1. Postcards from sunny San Francisco. Where everything is a tourist attraction, even the mutants and the standing Celestial being. You want realistic superheroes? This is exactly how our world would react to their prescence. People would try and make money off them.

2. The international political references. Has it ever been stated that the reason the US invaded Iraq rather than North Korea because Iraq didn't have weapons of mass destruction, in such a mainstream political book before? And it does rather set up writer Kieron Gillen's theme of superheroes as nuclear weapons rather well, both in power and the generation of fear… itself.

3. There's an old joke about an army sergeant breaking the news of that both parents of one of his soldiers have been killed in a tragic accident. He clls the troop together screaming "Step forward any soldier whose parents are alive. Not so fast, Corporal Jones!" I didn;t tell it very well. But Kieron does, in this scene with the new team, where Storm asks anyone on the table who has not been viewed by the world as a super villain to riase their arms.

"Not so fast, Cyclops!"

4.It's the return of Sinister, in a story that Kieron told me in the pub last night will actually, finally, explain who he is and what he's been up to all this time. Kieron also grins and says "Imagine the English Class System as a supervillain". Well, right now he's being a bit of a dandy fop… Oscar Wilde as super villain

5. Has anyone ever observed the injury-to-windmill motif? Because, seriously, it's rare that you'll see a windmill in fiction these days without it getting busted up. I feel like starting a tumblr dedicated to it. Anyone got scans for Ministry Of Space?

And, just as Wolverine & The X-Men, there are extra gubbins in the back. However,they play a very diferent role and should most definitely separate the two books as thematically as possible.

And as for the ending? Kieron swears blind he hasn't seen the episode of Doctor Who with a rather similar scene with The Master. Once explained (by a number of people in the self same pub), he promises it will play out very differently…

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