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Paizo Issues Update on Coronavirus Situation
Last night, Paizo formally announced that they have officially recognized a union of their own staff which has been named the United Paizo Workers The company issued the statement and quote from their president below, which revealed they had voluntarily recognized the United Paizo Workers union, which is affiliated with the Communications Workers of America[...]
Auto Draft
We've offered a preview of the original soundtrack from Milan Records and composer Stephanie Economou (Step Up: High Water, Manhunt: Deadly Games), "Union of Justice." So with less than a week to go until the series' long-awaited debut, how about a look behind the scenes to see how it all came together? Well, you're in[...]
60 minutes
Three days ago, former social media influencer (thank you, SNL) Donald Trump resigned his membership in the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) ahead of the entertainment industry union's meeting to possibly expel him for his role in inciting neo-nazis, white supremacists, confederate flag-wavers, and a wide array of tinfoil hat-wearing folks to attack the nation's capital[...]
The King In Black
But there are plenty of spin-offs, Gwenom Vs Carnage #1, Planet Of The Symbiotes #1, The Union #2, SWORD #2 and Thunderbolts #1. SWORD #2 So the earth is covered in alien goo on the ground, while the sky is blanketed by symbiote dragons Which is handy for SWORD to blow a hole in. SWORD #2 For Star, to[...]
The King In Black Begins (Spoilers)
But today's King In Black also encompasses Atlantis Attacks #5 and The Union #1 Okay the former is a little on the cursory side. That's basically it and a set up, if you can call it that, for Namor: The King In Black It does seem to be a blatant attempt to goose up the sales[...]
Paul Grist Tries to Explain The Union to People Who Don't Read Comics
Last week Marvel announced the news that Marvel had teased, that Paul Grist and Andrea Di Vito were launching a new British superhero comic called The Union Starring Union Jack, and four other heroes, each drawn from a different country, Brittania of England, Kelpie of Scotland, The Choir of Wales and Snakes of Northern Ireland[...]
Auto Draft
Really Marvel? You wait until gone 10pm in the UK before unveiling in full the new British Marvel superteam, The Union, from Paul Grist and Andrea Di Vito? Fair enough… at least Bleeding Cool got to tease it Once upon a time, Paul Grist pitched a Union Jack story Marvel rejected it, so he turned[...]
Video Game Voice Actor Strike May Be Coming To An End
Considering how both sides (SAG-AFTRA and the publishers which included 11 different companies) seemed to not be talking to each other for weeks on end, and even seeing companies like Capcom reach out to non-union actors to fill the roles of longtime actors in series like Resident Evil, many were convinced that the strike would[...]
Strike At The Strand Bookstore: The Comic
Then how come they don't even have a union? It's all individual negotiation Bit of a giveaway, that… Greg Farrell is a cartoonist who works at the Strand Bookstore in Manhattan, the staff of whom are currently in conflict with management over a new contract And he's decided to record[...]