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Uniqlo to Launch One Piece Film Red Collection for Anime Movie Launch
Japanese clothing retailer UNIQLO has partnered with Toei Animation and Crunchyroll to launch the One Piece Film Red UT collaboration collection in the United States on Thursday, October 27, to coincide with the release of the 15th feature film anime spinoff of the global hit franchise coming to theaters on Friday, November 4 The collection[...]
Spy x Family UT Collection Coming from Uniqlo in July
Uniqlo has announced that it will launch the SPY x FAMILY UT collection on Thursday, July 7th, in the United States The collection celebrates the hugely popular manga series, now an anime series, by writer and illustrator Tatsuya Endo, that has garnered a string of awards since it debuted in March 2019 in Shonen Jump[...]
Review: UNIQLO's Overwatch Brand T-Shirts
Earlier this year, the folks over at Blizzard managed to get together with UNIQLO and put together a set of Overwatch brand t-shirts I was lucky enough to get a couple of these before they were released to the public and have been wearing them around for a while to get reactions before giving a[...]
UNIQLO Shows Off A New Blizzard Entertainment Collection
Today UNIQLO showed off their latest collection of high-end geeky wears, this time partnering with Blizzard Entertainment for a whole new collection The new gear has shirts and designs from Overwatch, Diablo, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone for your gaming choices You can now check out all of these designs[...]
mickey blue uniqlo line
UNIQLO's newest Mickey Mouse line, Mickey Blue, has just hit stores Inspired by the cool indigo blue and the main mouse himself, this collection is ideal for warm summer afternoons or trips to your favorite Disney Park! There are designs for men, women, and children alike, and the price point on these is fantastic Adults clothing[...]
mickey mouse mickey art line uniqlo
UNIQLO has been killing it lately with their t-shirt game Over the past few weeks we've seen some amazing designs and collaborations come out, and they just keep delivering! Their newest line — Mickey Art — is simply stunning. UNIQLO has invited six acclaimed artists and illustrators – Kevin Lyons, Mike Mills, Geoff McFetridge, James Jarvis,[...]
blizzard uniqlo shirts 2018
Need some new shirts for your wardrobe? Of course you do, and these Blizzard game shirts from UNIQLO are fantastic options! These brand-new designs are seriously slick, and at only $14.90, they're a total steal UNIQLO makes some high-quality, durable clothing too Seriously, I have stuff from UNIQLO that I bought nearly 10 years ago[...]
Wear Pocky and Polaroid with Pride: UNIQLO's Retro-Style 'The Brand' Line
Ever wanted a shirt with Pocky on it? What about Othello, or Polaroid? Well, you're in luck, because UNIQLO has released a whimsical and fun line of shirts based on brands most people would never think to celebrate BIC, Fiat, and more adorn the clothing line, and you know what? I kind of like all[...]
Doraemon uniqlo line 2018
Uniqlo is celebrating this by launching a new Doraemon x Murakami line! https://youtu.be/3–nptFamnI Takashi Murakami is a famous contemporary artist You've likely seen his bright, happy flowers on the sides of Louis Vuitton bags, or in museums Blending his art style and Doraemon together frankly makes sense Check out the collection below to see what I mean. Disclaimer:[...]
uniqlo shonen jump line
To commemorate the anniversary, UNIQLO has released a limited run line of shirts! The designs are straightforward, fun, and feature some of Weekly Shonen Jump's most popular manga They come in both adult and kid sizes, so there's plenty for the whole family! WSJ is one of Japan's most popular manga anthologies, and has been the home[...]
snoopy peanuts uniqlo line
Everyone loves the Peanuts gang, especially its resident dog, Snoopy! UNIQLO's line of Kaws x Peanuts clothing and collectibles is just what any fan needs, and the collection is currently half off Personally I think UNIQLO is already crazy affordable, but a cool Snoopy shirt for under $8 is hard to pass up I own[...]
uniqlo marvel t-shirts
Not too long ago, UNIQLO held a design contest for their new shirt line Over 8,500 designs were submitted, and UNIQLO picked 17 unique, fun, and even funny designs All of the designs are delightful, so if you're still riding that Avengers: Infinity War high and want to show off your Marvel love, consider this fantastic[...]
uniqlo Rose of Versailles Line
The series still has a dedicated following, and Uniqlo's new line of ROV clothing will undoubtedly be popular with their fan base The t-shirt line is very affordable at $14.90, and the designs are pretty great Check them out below! Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, but the links above are affiliate links That means[...]
uniqlo fantasia shirts
Looking for a little magic in your clothing? Uniqlo's Fantasia collection is exactly what you need! Featuring t-shirts with rare sketches on them, you'll be the envy of all your Disney-loving friends. Shop @UniqloUSA's Disney Fantasia Collection featuring t-shirts with rare sketches and iconic scenes from the fantastical world conjured up by Mickey Mouse! #ShopDisneySprings pic.twitter.com/t2I4EaEYeh —[...]
Minnie Mouse uniqlo line
In Uniqlo's Minnie Mouse Best Friends Forever line, they celebrate the friendships Minnie has made over the years with some comfy and adorable clothing Not all of the clothing has Minnie on it per se, but there are plenty of cute best friends in this collection to please just about anyone! Disclaimer: This is not a[...]
uniqlo ramen t-shirts
Ramen is one of Japan's most well-known dishes, and to celebrate the beloved noodle soup, UNIQLO has released these awesome ramen-inspired shirts There are eight total in the collection, and prices are fair at just $14.90 The shirts are 100% cotton and insanely comfortable I own a lot of UNIQLO clothing — I love how[...]
uniqlo mickey t-shirts
According to UNIQLO, Mickey and the sun illuminate the world together I can't argue, because they do bring a lot of joy to people's lives For this upcoming summer collection, UNIQLO took inspiration from the sun and created some dreamy summer styles The collection features shirts, dresses, slippers, and shorts, and ranges from $9.90-$29.90 You[...]
It's Mickey Mouse's Birthday, And Uniqlo Is Giving YOU The Presents!
In lieu of cake and candles, fashion designer/manufacturer/retailer Uniqlo is offering fans some very cool "birthday presents" in the form of a very sweet selection of Disney designs at some truly Mickey-worthy prices. Here's a look at Uniqlo's lineup, with links for pricing and ordering information: Sounds of Disney: Groove to your own beat with your favorite[...]