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We Review The APC Back-Up Gaming UPS
A short time ago, APC provided us with some killer gear to test out in the form of their Back-Up Gaming UPS to be used for both PC gaming and consoles The primary goal of a UPS generator is so that whenever a power outage or some other electrical issue comes about, you have a[...]
UPS Delays To Comic Stores - Especially In Southern California
Diamond Comic Distributors has received the following note from UPS, which they have passed on to comic book stores. We have been experiencing very heavy volume levels … We expect volume to continue to be strong and this is an [shipping] industry wide problem The surge in demand coupled with limited capacity have made the operating[...]
Diamond recognises that circumstances for many stores have now changed and while UPS will not ship to non-essential business addresses at this time, they will ship to residential addresses As a result, Diamond has now recommended this as an option to retailers wanting to continue business in one fashion or another In a message to[...]
Nintendo labo
Like the most recent interaction with The UPS Store and Nintendo on Twitter Check out the tweet below that The UPS Store decided to create as they have their own kind of fun with the new Labo creations, by making their own cardboard carrying case out of UPS boxes so that you can take your[...]
UPS – Michael Davis, From The Edge
That's true of white kids growing up in the suburbs as well, but Black inner city kids tend to get used to disappointment. That's because many things in the inner city can spoil or end your life, so those days when you drop the ice cream from your ice cream cone? Yeah, you're upset, but not[...]
Be On The Lookout For "Missing" Denys Cowan Original Art Pages
  This is some of the missing artwork by Denys Cowan that was heading to the Milestones: African Americans in Comics, Pop Culture & Beyond exhibition at Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Baltimore by UPS. Only one page made it through The rest, either stolen or lost You can guess which Milestone's Michael Davis thinks it is. Here's[...]
That's What Brown Can Do For Me – Michael Davis, From The Edge
It's important enough to run on Bleeding Cool and I'd really appreciate it if the Bleeding Cool Family would tweet, Facebook and chat room the hell out of this. My sincere thanks to those that do. Brown Can Act Like They Give A Shit. That's what Brown can do for me. What can brown do for you?" Was the[...]