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'Generations: Captain Marvel #1' Review: A Classic Hero Returns

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Carol Danvers has been thrown back in time and into the Negative Zone to find an ongoing battle on a planet she doesn't recognize. Captain Marvel quickly discovers that she is witnessing an invasion of a planet by Annihilus, the Living Death. Thankfully, she is soon joined by her old friend and previous […]

Marvel Generations: Hawkeye And Hawkeye, A Perfect Pairing

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] This one slipped past me somehow. I'm sad; this was the Generations one-shot I was most looking forward too, and I somehow missed it when the week it was released. In any case, Kate Bishop finds Clint Barton locked in a deadly competition of the best marksmen in the world. After convincing young […]

Marvel Release Brand New Teaser Trailer For Generations Event

As it starts next month, the PR machine must really ramp up for Marvel's ten issue series of one-shots, Generations, that promises to prove that there is space in the Marvel Universe for original Legacy characters and their modern counterparts.All beginning inside yet another Marvel event, the currently running Secret Empire, the stories begin with[...]

Mindless Speculation – What Is The Vanishing Point?

Marvel have teased the final issue of Secret Empire this week, with the tagline of 'What is the Vanishing Point?' and with cover art taken from the Generations art created by Alex Ross.This obviously suggests that there is a closer link to Secret Empire and Generations than previously assumed, but just what is that link?[...]