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Tomorrow Sees The US Release Of My Favourite Comic Book
And tomorrow sees the US release of his latest collection of comics, Verity Fair: Custard Creams & Pink Elephants, by Terry Wiley. It's a comic book about a middle aged actress who never had her break, despite a number of fleeting moments in the sun She is not down about this, however, at least not on[...]
Borderline Pressed
I found out about it in a circular email from the artist, which kind of sums up everything about this year. I'm not packing it up; I just some time to sort my life out and Borderline Press just compounds things almost on a daily basis. Be patient; stick with Borderline Press and don't forget, if you[...]
Hannah's Swag! Thought Bubble Edition #TB14
There's the exclusive Wytches #2 cover, the limited edition signed Electricomics booklet and badges, two graphic novels from Markosia Press, an introduction for me to Verity Fair with some original artwork Terry Wiley, and two volumes of the self-published series The Golden Campaign by Cristian Ortiz And the official Thought Bubble t-shirt This is my[...]
Verity Fair For 99 Cents – The Biggest Bargain In Graphic Novels Right Now
We've mentioned that too. And for the next ten days, they have Terry Wiley's Verity Fair down from $9.99 to $0.99 Or 69 pence in proper money Either way, that is your comic book bargain of the month. Verity Fair takes one character from the Sleaze Castle opus and tells her story today, a semi-actress, trying partially[...]
Sequential – The Digital Boutique Graphic Novel App Goes Live (UPDATE)
Launch titles include From Hell, Nelson, Verity Fair, Bolland Strips, Hugo Tate and more. Many of the titles include extras, including audio tracks. The title Fictions by Russell Willis and Terry Wiley, is provided free, and tells a short digital comics story in the Alex De Campi tradition. Grab it now and keep it next to ComiXology, Dark[...]
My Favourite Ongoing Comic Gets Another Issue – Verity Fair #3
Just one issue a year, that's all. Terry Wiley's Verity Fair is a great example of a comic book steeped in decades-long continuity, coming as it does off Tales From Sleaze Castle, More Tales From Sleaze Castle, Sleaze Castle, Petra Etcetera and Surreal School Stories. But it does so in a fashion that means you don't have[...]
Verity Fair #2 Kicks Off Thought Bubble Comic Con
Wish I was there. The show is debuting the second issue of one of my favourite comics, Verity Fair from Terry Wiley I got a copy in the post yesterday It's mad, human, funny, layered and suggesting the kind of mad, bad, backstory that creator Terry Wiley excels at, and the teensiest of ties in with[...]
The Greatest Comic Creator You May Never Have Heard Of – Terry Wiley
He drew Trip Into Space for the Image anthology This Is A Souvenir last Christmas, he's been lettering for Classical Comics titles and has currently put out the first issue of his new drama series Verity Fair, with a second issue out for the Thought Bubble comics convention in Leeds. His writing reminds me of Alan[...]