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Katheryn Winnick Talks 'Vikings' Season 6, Fitting End for Lagertha
I'm just so blessed that I've had that opportunity to have a character that people worldwide recognize and look up to, especially right now, with everything that's happening with the #MeToo movement and Time's Up." Thank you for giving us Lagertha, Katheryn and Michael, she's one in a million and we love her. Vikings season 6 s[...]
HISTORY Rep Confirms 'Vikings' Will End with Season 6, BUT-
Yeah sure, everyone is running their Vikings season 6 headline that "OH NO HISTORY HAS CANCELLED THE SHOW!" but thats rather more alarmist than it should be. A scene from season 5, episode 15 "Hell" that reminded us just how badass the show continues to be According to The Hollywood Reporter, a representative for HISTORY confirmed to them[...]