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No 'Vive 2' Is Coming At CES This Week Says HTC
There were rumours circulating over the past few days that a second iteration of the HTC Vive might be on the way at this weeks CES For many early adopters of the expensive tech, it was a gut punch, having coughed up a ton for the hardware already. Well, it seems all can breathe a sigh[...]
Brexit Has Made The Vive Even Less Accessible In Britain
However, it seems the Brexit has just made some Vive early adopters a little better. It's been announced by HTC that the Vive is getting a price hike from £689 to £759 (around $92 increase) In a blog post, HTC said: HTC continuously monitors and adjusts pricing to ensure we are providing our customers with the best value[...]
Rick And Morty Are Coming To VR With First Appearance Will Be At SDCC
Rick and Morty is ever growing with more and more people cottoning on to the series very clever execution. Well, the creators of VR title Job Simulator are taking that execution to the Vive with Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality This is being published by AdultSwim, who have a great track record for weird and[...]
Oculus Have (Kind Of) Opened Thier Library Up To Vive Users
ReVive is a program that allows the Oculus front page to work on a Vive When the headsets first launched, it meant game that were Oculus exclusive, could be played on Vive Despite Oculus founder Palmer Luckey saying he would like the Library to be open to all VR users, that came to a stop[...]
I've had a go at retrofitting Fallout 4 into the HTC Vive with the use of certain programs, and I can tell you, it isn't a very good experience Interesting to experience, but it is very clear specific work would have to be done by devs to get it up to par. Luckily, that is exactly[...]
Take A Look At The Vive's Launch Trailer
The Vive is officially 'out now', even if it has a staggered release so only those who ordered really early (and whose pre-orders weren't suddenly cancelled) are getting it now For others, myself included, the headsets are coming later. Not to let that dampen their launc though, Valve and HTC have put out a launch trailer[...]
Dota 2 Spectator Mode Is Getting The VR Treatment
For a brief demo, take a look at this video (thanks Данил Азами). can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Dota 2 Steam VR ( Not to say I told you so, but here is a recent tweet of mine: Dota 2 for Vive seems inevitable, especially as spectator[...]
Star Wars: Trials Of Tatooine Will Bring VR 'Experience' To The Franchise
It will be coming to the HTC Vive, allowing you to dodge fire, interact with R2-D2, and show off your lightsaber skills It's only an "experience" so, I don't expect this to be more than a couple of minutes, but a neat showcase at least, eh? Take a look at the leaked trailer: can't be loaded[...]
The HTC Vive 'Sold' 15,000 Units In Less Than 10 Minutes
The HTC Vive went up for pre-order yesterday, for a cool $799 The big question was how many would stump up the cash to get in on the premium VR experience early. Well, we have some numbers Thanks to HTC employee, Shen Ye, it's been revealed that 15k of the devices were sold in the first 10[...]
HTC Vive Is Set At £689 In The UK
This is one for those of us in the UK and who are interested in the Vive It was announced last week that the HTC Vive would be coming in hot at $799 for the US. Well, now we have the UK's pricing, and the Vive and it's peripherals will come in at £689 It goes[...]
HTC VIVE Launches In April For $799 can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Introducing the Vive ( Well, here is the second domino. The next big consumer VR headset is about to open up its pre-orders, and key details have come out today It's been announced that the Valve backed, HTC Vive will launch in early April to the tune of $799[...]
Gabe Newell Went All Oprah And Gave Everyone At Vision Summit A Vive
With moments like this next one too, it's not hard to see why. At the Unity Vision Summit, Newell appeared in a video to say that all the developers at the Summit would be getting a free Vive VR headset He even went all Oprah about it You can see this act of generosity here: can't be[...]
The Vive VR Headset Pre-Orders Will Launch In February
At $599, it was a lot to ask, and it set the next most anticipated headsets up, the PlayStation VR and the HTC and Valve Vive. Well, the latter of those will set up its flag in just a few weeks now, as The Verge confirmed from the HTC February 29th is the magic date to[...]