HTC Vive Coming To Consumers In April


The HTC Vive, for my money, is the most incredible VR headset I've used. I've played with most of the competitors, and the act of being able to move around in a space on your own terms is an enthralling aspect that the other competitors don't have.

Well, despite the headset first being touted for a 2015 release, that has been pushed back to April 2016. The news was revealed in this Facebook post. This won't be a limited release either, which is what the original 2015 release was being touted as. This will be a full commercial release.

While I do believe it to be the best experience, that obviously comes with what I think will be a premium. I think the Vive is going to be a luxury of luxuries, so don't expect it to come in cheap. It really is about time we learn about the prices of all the headsets now though…

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