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Phaser Lock Interactive Reveals Cross-Platform WW2 VR Game Final Assault
credit// Phaser Lock Interactive Final Assault, a cross-platform VR action strategy game by Phaser Lock Interactive, will launch on Steam, the Oculus Store, and Viveport with support for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets on May 16, 2019. Final Assault has players engage in strategic combat in a war ravaged battlefield in competitive[...]
Vive Pro
The Vive is pretty much the uncontested best VR rig — the problem with it is the buy-in price and always has been However, with the Vive Pro, HTC are attempting to make the initial price gouge a bit less painful Today, the Vive team announced that they would begin offering a Vive Pro Starter Kit[...]
Skyrim VR
The port will release on April 3rd, meaning you've got about two weeks to brush up on your Elder Scrolls lore before taking on the hordes of dragons and their undead worshipers on both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive through Steam's VR platform. Skyrim VR will come to PC with all the same bells and[...]
While you do miss some of the detail thanks to the Vive and Rift's optical sights, the world is designed entirely for VR which allows it to retain quite a deal more depth and character than some other VR titles. But the world of Gunheart isn'r just pretty Its also fun You've got a bar set[...]
That way, your weapons are now more useful the second you acquire them. The full patch notes for the Winter update include: Weapon progression: unlock new abilities for your weapons by using them in combat; Default mods: all weapons now have a signature modification that is applied as long as you have an open mod slot, increasing their[...]
Vive Pro
The Vive Pro and Vive Wireless Adapter from HTC were announced today at CES Both announcements are set to improve the VR experience with higher resolution and the removal of wires Because the worst thing about gaming in VR is tripping over your headset's wires. The Vive Pro has a combined resolution of 2880 x 1600 using[...]
VR vs AR
For the past couple of years, VR has been the realm of dedicated PC gamers and people with a lot of cash to burn, while AR was something of the "everyman's alternative" to a VR system. It doesn't help that both systems often get confused for each other, occasionally intentionally.
Rocket Worldwide Announces Train Runner VR for the HTC Vive
Each musical stem is curated to enhance and harmonize gameplay to create a delightful experience. Train Runner VR is out now on HTC Vive. Rocket Worldwide have announced their entry into the VR market with the debut of its kid-friendly game, Train Runner VR This reflect's Rocket's new change in direction to begin creating more VR content[...]
Amazon has a nifty pre-packaged deal that gets you the Rift and Touch system, a third sensor, and the necessary USB cable, all for $416.49 USD.   Credit// HTC HTC's VIVE system is the nicest of the three VR setups It's got the most rugged hardware, it's got slightly better technical specs, and has these dorky but incredibly[...]
credit// Drifter Entertainment Drifter Entertainment, an independent video game publisher and developer comprised of industry veterans known for building award-winning franchises, hardware and gear, today released the third and largest content update for Gunheart, a futuristic co-op virtual reality shooter available on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Drifter Entertainment's Creative Director Brian Murphy details the latest content updates[...]
HTC Announces Standalone VR Headset The Vive Focus
HTC announced its new, standalone VR headset, the Vive Focus today, but it looks like it's not coming to the western world just yet The company's Chinese website has details on the device, described as the "most immersive VR experience" in the world Currently there's only a link for developer's kits, and not a consumer-ready product[...]
Don't Knock Twice Is Out And Already Has A Scare Reel
Indie horror game Don't Knock Twice just released today on Steam, Playstation 4, Oculus, VIVE, and PSVR but the game already has a highlight reel featuring players getting scared absolutely witless while playing the game Wales Interactive put out the video today to coincide with the game launch, and it might just be the most brilliant marketing[...]
It is clear the company truly believes in the potential of the tech, and alongside helping with the Vive, have made a great VR storefront on Steam. However, as of yet, big games from big companies have been hard to come by Unsurprisingly though, Valve are ready to dive in headlong While many have been waiting[...]