The HTC Vive Was Delayed Due To Mystery Breakthrough

htc-vive-07The HTC Vive was meant to be the first major VR Headset to make its way to the public. It's the most impressive of the headsets I've tried, so I was quite excited about the prospect of having it this Christmas.

Well, it recently got delayed into 2016, but there seems to be a good reason. According to a report by Engadget, HTC CEO Cher Wang said it was pushed back for a "very, very big technological breakthrough." She didn't expand upon that, but did say this breakthrough will be revealed at CES in January.

This really must be a killer breakthrough as HTC are potentially giving up the 'first out the gate' title, which will likely be a huge seller in this VR arms race. My hope is that it has something to do with the space you'll be able to walk around in with the headset on, but we will have to see.

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