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Volume from Bogacs, Patridge, & Shammas Brings Rebellion to Scout
The indie company that added multiple new imprints this year has now added another title to their ever-growing slate for next year. Volume will introduce a world where music has been made illegal by a populist dictatorship known as "The Regime." Created by writer Christof Bogacs, Skylar Patridge, and Nadia Shammas, Volume will follow a teenager named Essa, who, when[...]
Legend Of Wonder Woman By Renae De Liz And Ray Dillon Gets A Second Volume
With her partner Ray Dillon, the series had been critically acclaimed with many people seeing it in a different light to the New 52 Wonder Woman from the Finches, the recent Grant Morrison/Yanick Paquette volume, and the new Frank Cho-covered series but there had been some doubt as to whether or not it would continue. Legend of[...]
Bleeding Cool's Game Of The Year 2015: #17 – #1
Volume Stealth games are very hard to get right Make them too easy and the all important tension is lost Make them too hard, and things quickly turn to furstation Volume dodges this problem by making stealth arcadey and accessible Taking more than a few cues from Metal Gear Solid VR Missions, Volume is a love[...]
Volume Is Getting VR Based DLC That Will Launch Alongside PlayStation VR
Back in August, I wrote a rather glowing review for Volume, the new game by Mike Bithell The time attack stealth challenge really grabbed me in ways I wasn't expecting, and the simplicity of the mechanics are really quite wonderful. I've been looking forward to seeing if there was going to be any post release content[...]
Volume Delayed On PS Vita For 'A Couple Of Weeks'
Volume is a great little game, as my review suggests I really think you should give it a go in anyway you can. If you are one of those precious PS VITA players who was expecting to bring your stealth game on the go with you at the same time as console and PC players, I[...]
Volume Review – V= Time x Obsession²
That's a testament to Bithell's attitude and engagement with the community as this is all before his sophomore effort has even got out the door. Well, that title, Volume, is out now and one of the big questions I've heard asked is, 'does it hold up as a successor to Thomas Was Alone?' If you are[...]
Mike Bithell's Volume Gets An August Release Date And New Trailer
I've played Mike Bithell's Volume a couple times during its development and enjoyed it each time Last time I played it at EGX Rezzed was certainly the tightest build of the game, and if you like old school stealth games like Metal Gear Solid, this will be right up your ally. We finally have a release[...]
Volume's Level Editor Lets You Design Your Own Stealth Creations
The man behind Thomas Was Alone has been working on his next title Volume for a little while now, and I'm pretty intrigued by it I've played it a couple of times and if you are a fan of old Metal Gear Solid-esque stealth games, this is for you. If you didn't know the game will[...]
Andy Serkis Makes Voice Over Debut In Volume Enemy Trailer
Be it through game design, his presentations or his active Twitter, I always enjoy seeing Bithell's take on any given paradigm That is why I've been pretty excited about Volume since it was announced I've actually played the game twice and talked to Bithell several times throughout its production It's shaping up to be an interesting[...]