Andy Serkis Makes Voice Over Debut In Volume Enemy Trailer

I'm a big fan of Mike Bithell's Thomas Was Alone and I really think he has a unique voices in the indie scene at the moment. Be it through game design, his presentations or his active Twitter, I always enjoy seeing Bithell's take on any given paradigm

That is why I've been pretty excited about Volume since it was announced. I've actually played the game twice and talked to Bithell several times throughout its production. It's shaping up to be an interesting throwback idea. The story is said to be a futuristic Robin Hood riff and the design takes cues from older Metal Gear Solid VR missions. If you like old school stealth games, this will be right up your ally.

In a new trailer, the world of Volume has been fleshed out further, showing off the the game's diverse set of enemies. It will be interesting to see how these are utilized, not only by the developer, but by the community in the game's level builder.


As an added bit of coolness, this is the first time we've heard Andy Serkis' voice work in the game. It isn't quite the impact of "the dark side and the light" in the Star Wars trailer, but I'm excited to see what attracted Serkis and what he gave to the project.

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