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More Details on the Large Warcraft III Update from Blizzard
Below are the initial details of the large update that Blizzard has just implemented into Warfract III, minus some info on map pools and other minor additions. Overall, the reception to these changes has been met with a lot of praise on their own forums with only the most hardcore of hardcore players taking umbrage. 
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Blizzard has released a sudden Warcraft 3 patch for the game ahead of its first Invitational competition, leading many to believe a remaster is on the horizon. credit//Blizzard If you've been following the buzz around Warcraft 3 recently, you will know the community is rife with talk of a potential remaster After StarCraft saw a remaster last[...]
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A bit of a cool development on the part of Blizzard for Warcraft 3 players, as the company has set up a private event near the end of the month and had invited some hardcore pro players to attend as guests The details of what's going on are a bit sketchy and up to interpretation depending[...]