We Witnessed The Wastelanders Ball 2019; Kinda Like a 'Mad Max' Prom

Imagine if you will- The Wasteland of Mad Max, but fancy as f**k with ballgowns made from parts of rusted cars and tuxedos out of hazmat suits – thats' The Wastelanders Ball. Put on by the same team who are responsible for the 5-day Wasteland Weekend event in September, the Wastelanders Ball is sort of a […]

Wasteland Weekend 2018: Witness This Gallery From The Apocalypse

We wish we were out in the middle of the desert this week/weekend to experience the absolute madness (and awesomeness) that is Wasteland Weekend. Fans of Mad Max no doubt have heard of the post-apocalyptic event, which strives to create a thriving outpost in the days following the fall of civilization. According to Wasteland Weekend's […]

'Best of HBO International" Showcases Six Series for U.S. Audiences

In a move meant to introduce U.S. subscribers to the the scope of its original international series programming, HBO will be showcasing a total of six international series from three key regions across its streaming and VOD platforms. Beginning in December and launching under the banner of "Best of HBO International," the cable giant will host […]

inXile Entertainment Secures Money From Gumi VR For An Unannounced Game

inXile Entertainment, the studio behind Wasteland 2, Torment: Tides of Numenera, and The Mage's Tale, secured a combined investment of $4.5M for equity and project investment from gumi VR Inc., a subsidiary of global entertainment publisher and developer gumi Inc. inXile Entertainment, currently in development on The Bard's Tale IV and Wasteland 3, will use the funding […]

Fig Game Shares For Wasteland 3 Have Been Approved By The SEC

Fig.co, the video game crowdfunding site that allows you to invest in a video game's future sales through Fig Game Shares, announced today that the United States Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) has approved Fig Game Shares for Wasteland 3. Wasteland 3 is one of the first successes for Fig, with it's campaign meeting 113% of […]

Fig Finishing Fund Commits To Helping Indie Devs Access Steam Direct

After the closing of Steam Greenlight and announcement of its replacement, Steam Direct, Fig the gaming crowdfunding site has announced their Fig Finishing Fund initiative. The Finishing Fund will commit up to $500,000 USD to help developers "access Steam Direct and build fan awareness through paid marketing. This is a counter measure to help indie […]

Image Watch – Talking Umbral And 'Playing With Magic Words' With Antony Johnston

By David Dissanayake Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten's fantastic series Umbral from Image Comics begins its second arc in today's issue #7.  I've been a big supporter of this creative duo since Wasteland, one of the first ongoing series I started following on a regular basis. Worldbuilders of the highest order, the Johnston/Mitten duo bring […]

Fashion Beast: The Missing Piece of an Alan Moore Puzzle

No one redefined the comic book landscape quite like Alan Moore in the 1980s, and the year 1985 was one of the most creative of his career.  He'd taken Saga of the Swamp Thing to new levels of horror and brilliance.  He'd introduced the world to John Constantine, a magic con man and later, Hellblazer.  […]

After The Walking Dead

You're a retailer, enjoying the success of The Walking Dead in your store. The comics disappear off the shelf, the collections won't stay in stock, it's like a licence to print money. But what happens when your customers have burned through them all? And there are simply no more collections to buy? Are you resorted […]

That Other Post-Apocalyptic Comic On Sale This Week.

There's a lot of comic industry excitement for Prophet #21, published from Image Comics on Wednesday, a kind of William Burrough's The Time Machine, that people who want copies may need to stand outside the store before ot opens if they have any chance. Some people will be disappointed. But maybe they shouldn't be. Because […]

What Comics Will You Be Buying On November 30th – If Any?

This week the shelves are full of comics. DC have large dump of the third issues of their relaunch titles, Marvel give you Xbooks, Ultimate and Fantastic Four comics aplenty. Next week though, it's a relative barren desert. None of the relaunch titles, Marvel have only got one comic with Wolverine in it (and it's […]

Antony Johnston's Wasteland Goes Monthly With Issue 33 For $1

Antony Johnston's apocalyptical rebuilding comic, Wasteland from Oni was aways meant to monthly. But something slipped, as these things are want to do. But now issue 33 in January will begin a new story, have a new artist, Justin Greenwood, and will cost one dollar. If you haven't been enjoying Wasteland, what an excellent place […]

Wednesday Morning Comics

A momentous day! Because in America at just after half past noon, it will be 12.34 and 56 second on the 7/8 2009. Or, 123456789. Today is also the day in America that DC ship the first of their new weekly oversized title Wednesday Comics. Could well be one of the greatest superhero titles this […]