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Comisery Production Diary – Week 2: All Hail Amy Hill
And we introduce Amy Hill, who has been effortlessly brilliant and funny in shows like Unreal and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. To recap: my friend Quentin Lee and I decided to co-create, co-write and co-direct a web series shot entirely on zoom, in lockdown with everyone at home in front of their computers We came up with Comisery,[...]
Sci-Fi Comedy Web Series Pilot Comisery Heads Your Way Memorial Day
Did we mention that it's also a much-needed comedy? Because that's what we can expect when Quentin Lee (White Frog, The People I've Slept With, Comedy InvAsian) and Adi Tantimedh's ("The Ravi PI" series from Simon & Schuster) pilot for Comisery streams on the Asian American Movies' Facebook page as well as at the pilot's[...]
CBS Sets Three Female-Written Pilots: History, Mom So Hard and Murder
Television, CBS Television Studios Overview: "Based on the web series of the same name written and starring Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, I Mom So Hard explores how two moms illustrate how their friendship gets them through being wives and mothers." Murder Writer: Amanda Green (Lethal Weapon) Executive Producers: Green, Lindsey Liberatore and Dan Lin (Stephen King's It) Production Company:[...]