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Oh, the Indie Horror: Diary of a Mad, Black Werewolf
Also, WEREWOLVES!!! ANDERSON ELYSÉE: Oh my! Can you tell us about the lead Mad, Black Were-wolf? Who is she and where does the story begin here? HESS: The story begins in the present time, but moves into the past briefly, to demonstrate how long the main character has been functioning as a sort of monster vigilante[...]
Jughead: The Hunger #6 cover by Adam Gorham
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Jellybean has been taken by the werewolves, and Archie has finally gotten back home Jughead shows up not long after to get help in saving Jellybean Archie agrees, and the two go to Betty, but she isn't willing to work with Jughead That means it's just Archie and Jughead against a pack of werewolves. Jughead:[...]
jemaine clement taika waititi
Theoretically we'll see some of the same werewolves-not-swearwolves introduced in the vampire-centric film, perhaps their own take on the events in the park that night, lead by Anton (Rhys Darby). Jemaine Clement as vampire Vladislav The second spinoff will be a TV series, called Wellington Paranormal In a recent interview with STUFF, Clement talked a little bit about[...]
Crossed Crossover? Fans Vote for Which Universe to Invade
We have seen many "epidemics" invade comic universes; zombies (Marvel Zombies by Robert Kirkman), vampires (recent Justice League Dark and X-Men comics), werewolves (the horrible "CapWolf" story for Marvel comes to mind), endless alien invasions and so on What would happen if the Crossed infection invaded another comic universe? Crossed fans have spoke up and are[...]
Avatar Plug of the Week: Ferals #2
If you haven't guessed, it's a big release week for Avatar Press and its sister company, Boundless Comics. The stars have aligned perfectly to give their