"Supernatural" Fans: We're Prescribing You 500 CCs of Mulder & Scully – STAT! [OPINION]

Yes, we're all gutted that The CW's Supernatural is coming to an end, but if you're on the hunt for another show to fill the void, I humbly present… The X-Files.

"But Eden, The X-Files is an old series! I've seen it before! Besides, it has an inherent lack of Dean!"

Why yes, dear reader, all of those may very well be true, but that doesn't mean that The X-Files has lost its charm. To the contrary, I think that the series has aged beautifully and is well worth the re-watch here in present day.


Okay – there are still some very ridiculous 90's episodes (like the one that was basically one giant "anti-smoking PSA") but still, most of it does hold up.

And yes, the revival of the series was exciting, but I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the original flavor "I want to believe" supernatural-obsessed partner show.

True, it does lack the brotherly love – but it does replace that with sexual tension instead!

Supernatural is really the same basic premise as The X-Files (which borrowed its premise from decades of past television), but with one crucial difference: it was less about showing the supernatural creature than it was about asking questions and ambiguity – at least in the beginning.

In many episodes of The X-Files, you couldn't necessarily prove that it was actually a monster that caused this phenomena, but then again…you can't always necessarily prove it wasn't. That makes for the perfect source of conflict that created the trope that Supernatural builds on: the skeptic and the believer.

Think about it: especially in the beginning, Dean is the the one who is always ready and knowledgeable in how to hunt and gank the creature, and Sam is the one who keeps him in check and is more grounded in science, reality, and facts.

Sound like a certain pair of FBI agents we know? To quote Scully, "Mulder, it's me."

Still not sold? That's fine. I tried to get into The X-Files several times through the years, and it never really took despite it being completely my jam on paper. It wasn't until the impending finale of Supernatural (and that extra-long-feeling winter break) that I decided to give the FBI agents another shot.

I'm super glad I did, because Supernatural got a little silly for my taste in later seasons. The X-Files keeps itself pretty much grounded in their reality and never got as meta and silly as Supernatural can be at times – even in The X-Files later seasons.

So, long story short: The X-Files (even a rewatch) may hold some added interest for you if the brotherly shenanigans of Sam and Dean have gotten just a little too wacky for your taste lately – or if you're looking for a way to decompress from the show's impending departure.

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