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Cover image for Death of Doctor Strange: White Fox #1
Death of Doctor Strange goes global in Death of Doctor Strange: White Fox #1 No longer satisfied with sucking comics set in the United States into its tie-in orbit, the crossover event has now expanded to comics set in South Korea and the Philippines Is anywhere on Earth safe from extraneous tie-ins with this crossover[...]
Black Cat Annual #1 Review: Savvy and Improvisational
Credit: Marvel Felicia Hardy and her team (don't worry, you won't really see them) are swinging through South Korea in between heists and get nabbed by the National Intelligence Service's top super-spy, White Fox (imagine Black Widow with a lot more snark … and Korean, but with Silver Sable's hair, or maybe Amanda Waller with more[...]
Future Fight Firsts: White Fox #1 [Preview]
White Fox #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics this week, by Alyssa Wong, Kevin Libranda, Geoffo, Israel Silva, Joe Sabino, and more, part of the Future Fight Firsts series We've got a preview below. Future Fight Firsts tells the origin stories of characters who made their way to comics after first appearing the Marvel Future[...]
Will White Fox Be One Of The All-New All-Different Avengers?
Back in September, Bleeding Cool was the first to tell you about White Fox, a new Korean character being introduced to the Avengers cartoon in Korea by Younghoon Ko. Now Marvel announce a new Avengers comics, The All-New, All-Different Avengers. It is worth remembering that in the seventies, Marvel relaunched the X-Men as The All-New AllDifferent X-Men, with[...]