Who's The Boss?

New Whos The Boss Series Planned Tony Danza Alyssa Milano Return

New Who's The Boss? Series Planned; Tony Danza, Alyssa Milano Return

With an announcement that we have to admit we didn't see coming and actually sounds pretty promising, Sony Pictures Television and returning original cast members Tony Danza (Tony Micelli) and Alyssa Milano (Samantha Micelli) are teaming up for a sequel series to the classic ABC sitcom Who's The Boss? The original series is part of[...]

The Good Cop: Netflix Taps Josh Groban Tony Danza For Dramedy Series

The Good Cop: Netflix Taps Josh Groban, Tony Danza For Dramedy Series

Monk's creator/executive producer Andy Breckman and director/executive producer Randy Zisk are the creative forces shepherding the series.Groban (Ally McBeal, The Office) took to Twitter on Wednesday to make a personal announcement:https://twitter.com/joshgroban/status/928305584985829376Danza (Who's The Boss?, Taxi) announced his involvement in the series via Twitter in June, when news of the series was initially announced:https://twitter.com/TonyDanza/status/876852654839877632 The Good Cop[...]