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Al Ewing and Ryan Sook To Bring Us Inhumans Prime Next March

They've also got a snazzy Ryan Stegman variant, because: Venom Variant Month.Prime will lead Royals, Secret Warriors, and Black Bolt in the Inhumans' lineup, and (Marvel editors) Wil Moss and Charles Beacham say this will introduce us to the major Inhumans in the Marvel universe TheAl Ewing and Ryan Sook are writing and pencilling (respectively) and (according[...]

SDCC '15: Marvel – Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends

A Civil War and Ant-Man video though, so we learn that Scott Lang is a 'good' criminal, robbing from a rich corporation to give it back to the customers.Panelists include Robbie Thompson, Chip Zdarsky, Axel Alonso, Wil Moss and Sana Amanat.The Amazing Spider-Man reboot comes up, coming out October 7th Peter Parker going global, as[...]

When Harley Quinn Replaces A Dirty Sanchez With A Sloppy Aardvark (UPDATE)

But he prefers his revenge served cold. @ales_kot Now with 40% more made-up sex terms!— Wil Moss (@Wil_Moss) December 22, 2013   @greglockard @Wil_Moss: Let's talk about this It's time to disclose this to the public — Ales Kot (@ales_kot) December 22, 2013 Suicide Squad #22: my script included Harley Quinn mentioning "Dirty Sanchez." For those of you who[...]

D-Day For DC Comics Tomorrow

Wil Moss just left now, and started at Marvel this week And Eddie Berganza is already packing his bags and buying more sleeveless shirts in anticipation We've also mentioned that many staffers have been keeping their powder dry, trying to find out who will be going or not going And seeing if they can improve[...]

DC Editor Wil Moss Starts At Marvel On Monday?

Well, that's one of the DC Comics editors in New York who won't be making the move westwards in sixteen months.Bleeding Cool understands that Wil Moss, editor on DC titles such as Flash, Green Arrow and Suicide Squad, and with long runs on the Superbooks will instead be working at Marvel Comics' offices on Monday[...]