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SDCC '15: Marvel – Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends

By Joe Glass

20150712_130713Sitting in the panel having some technical difficulties, but I shall endeavor to power through and get you all the must have info on the panel. I can't complain, I guess – it is Sunday.

The last big Marvel panel of the week, and again starting with a video. A Civil War and Ant-Man video though, so we learn that Scott Lang is a 'good' criminal, robbing from a rich corporation to give it back to the customers.

Panelists include Robbie Thompson, Chip Zdarsky, Axel Alonso, Wil Moss and Sana Amanat.

The Amazing Spider-Man reboot comes up, coming out October 7th. Peter Parker going global, as Parker Industries spreads to New York, London, Shanghai and Silicon Valley. A cockier Peter Parker, but we all know what that usually spells for Peter. Norman Osborn is coming back, but a 'different Norman Osborn'. Harry is also back, and working for PI. A special female character guest star will be appearing and play an important part in his life.

Spider-Man issue 1 up next. Amanat points out this is Miles Morales being the local, friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, the classic paradigm told through the lens of Miles. Alonso thanked audience for being so accepting of Miles Morales.

Spider-Man 2099 up next, Amanat notes that Kris Anka did the redesigned suit. This is a time-jumping Spider-Man as the future isn't right, so is jumping back and forth trying to fix things. Out October 14th.

Spider-Woman reboot now, to applause. Amanat is personally very excited about it. This will be Jess dealing with her biggest challenge yet: motherhood. Amanat thinks it's an important story to tell, about the added responsibilities of motherhood and still kicking ass.

Spider-Gwen – Amanat said doesn't want to divulge too much, but we will learn more about her history with Peter Parker, also introducing her universe's version of Norman Osborn. Amanat praised the fans for craving new, exciting, diverse things.

20150712_123628Special guest called up, Joe Kelly to announce new book Spider-Man & Deadpool. Nick Lowe offered him the book with three things – Spider-Man, Deadpool and Ed McGuiness. The book will be funny, the challenge is finding the complimenting aspects of their humour together.

Venom: Space Knight – Flash Thompson in solo adventures in space. Going to be a lot of fun adventures, we'll see some familiar 'Marvel adjacent peoples'. Exploring more of the symbiote mythology, Thompson then praised Olivietti's artwork.

Carnage new series – Carnage being a big bad, like Tomb of Dracula and an adventure story.

Web Warriors, big cast of characters going off and facing threats of the world together. Amanat says it's going to be great.

Howard the Duck. Chip joked that they wanted to do something big after Secret War, so Howard will be getting a new hat. The next arc has nothing to do with him being a private investigator at all, may have Silver Surfer in it. Also, there wil be a Howard the Duck/Squirrel Girl crossover. It will have Kraven in it, with his new mode of transportation, the Kray-Van.

Nova, by Sean Ryan and Cory Smith. Will feature two Novas. It's Nova and his dad.

Drax is next, and Amanat is again being made to talk about it, bless her, she's getting fistfuls of notes to go through. But doesn't have a great deal on this it seems. Alonso praises CM Punk however as a really great guy.

20150712_124142Silk is up, and now she's bad, maybe? Apparently we'll see her in a situation that we'll be surprised to see her in. A more personal story with the character, but with some familiar Spider-Universe characters. Alonso then pointed out a really awesome Silk cosplayer in the back.

Daredevil – Amanat is very excited about this series, he can no longer deny the fact that being close to hm brings them danger. The new story is very much about Daredevil turning things around a little bit, Murdock is back in Hell's Kitchen and is now a District Attorney. The new sidekick is mentioned, a Samuel Cheung, based out of Chinatown. It's a darker Daredevil without going too dark. Alonso says it will dive headfirst into noir – if you like the Netflix show you're gonna like this.

We then are treated to some slides and videos of upcoming games, including Spider-Man Unlimited, which will have new skins featuring the redesigned costumes and also bringing Spider-Verse and Spider-Island into the game.

Fan questions section now:

Spider-Men comes up, with the big cliffhanger of Peter Parker surprised after looking up Miles Morales in the 616 – Alonso assures us that Brian Bendis hasn't forgotten about that.

A fan worried that Miles being brought to the 616, wondering how he'll still remain as important as he is in the Ultimate Universe – Alonso says it was always the plan to bring him over, it is covered, but they can't explain for spoilers.

Will they explain how he's on several teams, whilst also running an international business, teaming up with Deadpool and adventuring on his own? Basically, no – it's comics, they get around. Kelly does say that he does try his best to keep it all coherent. Alonso is pointing out though that actually Spider-Man is appearing in fewer books, with a much more diverse cast of Spider-People to play with now. Wil Moss also says they explain how Spider-Man gets involved in the Uncanny Avengers straight away in the first issue.

20150712_124220Will we see Mania in Venom: Space Knight? Not in the first initial run, but that's not something that's been forgotten.

Are there going to be any Ben Reilly books? They discuss Ben Reilly, but at this point there's no plan.

Alonso points out he'd love to see Hit Monkey go up against Howard the Duck.

Will we ever see Ultimate Peter Parker/Ultimate Mary Jane again? – doesn't seem likely.

Is there going to be any friendship between Mary Jane and Spider-Gwen? Amanat didn't want to give anything away, but she's not saying no.

Alonso did reveal Charles Soule does have plans for She-Hulk, but for now, he's on Daredevil.

Someone asked about the leaked Spidey book, it's an all-ages Spidey book about Spider-Man in high school, written by Thompson. All stand alone stories, designed to be in the classic Marvel mold. The untold tales of Spider-Man. Amanat believes it's set in the 616.

Mary Jane will show up in an unexpected fun place post-Secret Wars.

Fan praising the diversity of the books and characters Marvel are putting out now, but when will we see this characters in films and TV? Alonso admits he'd be first in line to watch a Miles Morales film. Amanat feels that comic books have been the most progressive medium out there, and that's thanks to the audience and admitted that Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan will be in an upcoming Avengers cartoon.

Wil Moss asked Humberto Ramos, who joined the panel, what are some of his favorite Spider-Man stories and what keeps bringing him back to the character. Ramos discusses a Paul Jenkins story he worked on featuring Spidey vs Green Goblin. Spider-Man comics are the most important comics in the whole world as far as he's concerned. Thanked the editors for allowing him to work on Spider-Man titles so long.

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