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X-Men Marvel Legends cannot come out fast enough, and getting this figure erases a huge want for most collectors It's weird- the head feels like a silver age version of Professor X, while his body feels more modern It is easy to get him in and out of the chair, although I wish his arms[...]
Marvel Legends X-Men Wave
The first wave of X-Men Marvel Legends for 2019 will be hitting stores soon This wave will feature a few long-requested figures and fan-favorites that will make this one of the best sets of the year It will also be highly in demand, making it tough to find at retail Here's hoping that Hasbro gets[...]
Marvel Legends Archangel 6
As far as subsets of collectors go, none are more vocal than the X-Men Marvel Legends fans They could get a wave of figures every month, and it still would not be enough Always some of the most sought-after figures, they have even started to go back and do deluxe versions of some characters that[...]