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A Purple Fortnite Themed Xbox One S Has Been Leaked
It looks like another cool item that may have been revealed at E3 just got leaked as a purple Fortnite-themed Xbox One S is out and about The news comes to us from German-based gaming website WinFuture, who posted the (self-watermarked) images you see here with a Gradient Purple look to it and a special[...]
Microsoft Apparently Coming Out With a Digital Xbox One S
A bit of an interesting rumor has popped up this week as it sounds like Microsoft will be releasing an all-digital version of the Xbox One S The news comes from Windows Central who claim that we'll be seeing a new version of the console next month and that it will not have a disc drive,[...]
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A surprise over the weekend for owners of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X as it appears the company will be moving forward into supporting 1440p graphics and video a lot sooner than many predicted On Friday, Kevin Gammill, who is the program manager for Microsoft's Xbox Platform Partner Group, tweeted out this quick[...]
Xbox Will Release a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Version of the One S
Today, Xbox announced that they would be releasing a special version of the Xbox One S for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, set to be released in just two weeks on February 20th for the price of $300 Below are the finer details of what you'll be getting inside this version that were sent out in a press release[...]
Check Out The Leaked Gears Of War Themed Xbox One S
Microsoft had a pretty massive leaking problem during E3, with a ton of their major reveals getting spoiled before their press conference. Well, it seems the company has been hit again by further leaks, as this image of a Gears of War themed  Xbox One S has hit the web It shows the slim console, with[...]
The Xbox One S Does Not Have A Native Kinect Port
The Xbox One S looks like a really clever redesign of the hulking Xbox One It's compact, takes away a lot of nonsense, and is supposedly even more powerful than the first console. One thing the Xbox One S doesn't have though is a Kinect port For a console that was once bundled with the peripheral,[...]