5 Ways WWE Can Improve on the Brilliant Concept of Raw Underground

In WWE's master plan to revitalize its business during a pandemic era that's looking likely to last another six months at minimum, Raw Underground has played an important role. Offering MMA-style worked shoot fights in a dimly-lit warehouse during the 10PM hour of WWE Monday Night Raw, Raw Underground offers something "cool" for WWE fans to enjoy. But with shinier, newer inventions like the WWE Thunderdome or Roman Reigns's new teeth getting all the attention these days, it looks like Raw Underground may already be due for a refresh.

WWE's Raw Underground Featured Over 100 Kevin Dunn Camera Cuts (Image: WWE)
WWE's Raw Underground Featured Over 100 Kevin Dunn Camera Cuts (Image: WWE)

No worries! Here at Bleeding Cool, we've come up with five ideas that WWE can have for free to freshen up Raw Underground and make it even better than it is.

WWE Raw Undergound Thunderdome

Remember a few weeks ago, when Raw Underground was the hot new thing in professional wrestling? Then WWE Thunderdome came along and stole all of its, well, thunder. But Raw Underground can be fresh and new again. All we need to do is bring the WWE Thunderdome to Raw Underground. That's right, Raw Underground Thunderdome. Problem solved, baby!

But not like regular Thunderdome. It's got to be gritty.

Of course, you can't have all those LED lights and pyro and whatnot in the Raw Underground version of Thunderdome. Raw Underground is supposed to be dark and gritty. So like, all those LED boards with the people watching on Zoom, maybe they could be black and white or something, or the video feed could be choppy or something. No, you know what? We've got it…

Release The Snyder Cut of WWE Raw Underground Thunderdome.

If WWE wants to have a version of Raw Underground Thunderdome that truly lives up to its promise of offering a realistic and gritty take on the world of professional wrestling, then there's only one man to turn to: acclaimed director Zack Snyder. And we're not just saying that Snyder should direct Raw Underground itself. Snyder should also direct each of the individual video screens of people watching the show in the Thunderdome. Sure, it would take six months to produce a single five-minute segment, but hey, Rome Underground Thunderground wasn't built in a day, as the saying goes.

Three words: Raw. Underground. Underground.

Okay. Maybe we took things a little bit too far, bringing the WWE Thunderdome to Raw Underground and then getting a big time Hollywood director, no matter how much of a genius he is, to direct it. The core concept of Raw Underground is that it's low budget, just a bunch of badass dudes and chicks who love to fight, and love hanging out in dimly-lit warehouses with the large adult son of a billionaire. But there's still a way to save this thing: Raw Underground Underground. This is an offshoot of Raw Underground that takes place in a back room of the back room where Raw Underground takes place, bringing things back to basics, back to what made the original concept work in the first place. Okay, so it takes place in a broom closet. And there's not really a lot of room to have the fights in there, but that's what makes it so different from the glitz and glamour of regular Raw Underground. We're telling you, this will work. Trust us!

Just do Cock Fights

Alright, screw it. Just get some angry roosters and start taking bets. Plus you know Vince McMahon would love the idea of getting to say the word "cock" on WWE television every week.

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