50 States Of Fright Review: "Almost There" Frighteningly Strong Start

Horror has a rocky history with television. With the options presented on streaming platforms today, original content that seeks to frighten the viewer can easily fall flat, but Quibi decided to go for it with their original series 50 States of FrightThe second season of the horror anthology recently premiered on the platform with the story entitled "Almost There" starring Taissa Farmiga. Set in Fort Dodge, Iowa, the episode surrounds the themes of trauma, revisiting that trauma in difficult ways- with some excellent jump-scares.

50 States Of Fright Review: S2E01 "Almost There"
Taissa Farmiga as Hannah in an episode of 50 States of Fright. Source: Quibi

In 50 States of Fright, Farmiga plays Hannah, a woman who attempts to move past a traumatic experience from her childhood that involved her mother and siblings. Twenty years after the incident, Hannah unknowingly must directly revisit her trauma, having incredible fear over the uncontrollable. Her fears are human and common, such as heights and trains, but the origins of those fears are far less common. The mix between cold tones and sepia-like color schemes are fantastic for throwing the viewer into a changing room of tense moments. The second season of 50 States of Fright starts off with a short horror story that gives the thrills of a full-fledged film of the same genre.

Even though the episode is both written by and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, it still has a flavorful mix of comedy and horror at times reminiscent of the executive producer, Sam Raimi, and his past work. Although many parts of the introduction to the second season give us plenty of gruesome interactions, it does an excellent job diving into what can be most monstrous, humanity. But while humanity can be monstrous, many moments can call for redemption and moving on from trauma, not too dissimilar from Hannah's story. 50 States of Frights looks to be a promising staple in original horror content and doing well in its' home at Quibi. It's time to be frightened this spooky season, so let us know which episodes you enjoyed from the new series!

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