Adam Cole Contract Status: Could NXT Champ Jump Ship to AEW?

Adam Cole is the current NXT Champion, but could he be the first major free agent of the Wednesday Night Wars? According to a new report, Cole's WWE contract is up in August, but he hasn't signed a new one yet. Does that mean he could be ready to jump to AEW by the end of the Summer in time for All Out? Could we see Adam Cole on Dynamite throwing the NXT Championship in a trash can?!

An artist's interpretation of Adam Cole jumping from NXT to AEW.
An artist's interpretation of Adam Cole jumping from NXT to AEW.

Well, let's take that one down a notch. It's true; Wrestling Inc. has reported that Cole has yet to sign a new WWE contract, and so it is theoretically possible that Cole could decide not to and instead jump to AEW, where he has friends and a girlfriend in the business. No doubt, AEW would be willing to make Cole an offer, as taking the champion of the direct competition at the height of his popularity would be hard for any pro wrestling company to pass up. In fact, it would be stupid for Cole not to try at least to negotiate.

Even so, there's also nothing indicating Cole is unhappy in WWE, and he is the champion after all. Also, WWE isn't dumb either (at least when it comes to business — their writing is debatable). So they would be aware of the potential and surely willing to throw a lot of money at Cole to stay. One could argue that the era of big-money contracts just to keep talent from the competition are over after the coronavirus layoffs. Still, WWE only let go of people they didn't think could make a massive difference by signing with someone else. The champion of NXT showing up on Dynamite would be another story altogether.

So will Adam Cole jump ship to AEW? How the hell should we know? Your guess is as good as ours, so post it in the comments.

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