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Booker T Has Joined Mick Foley In His Worries About The Current WWE
 But with the reports this week of how they planned on bringing up Adam Cole only to use him as a motor-mouthed manager with a new name for a heel-turned Keith Lee, well, it's no surprise why Cole took his talents to AEW this past weekend. I would hope that if enough legends like Foley and Booker[...]
Bryan Danielson makes his not-quite-surprise debut at AEW All Out
Three major stars made (not so surprise) AEW debuts at All Out Sunday night: Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole, and Ruby Soho All three stars have been announced as officially "All Elite." The night also marked the first match featuring CM Punk in seven years, which Punk won, defeating Darby Allin. Bryan Danielson makes his not-quite-surprise debut[...]
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 Like with Omega above, matching a guy that everyone truly hates against someone they truly love makes perfect sense. And the promos!  Oh my, the promos… Adam Cole I know, I know  "He's not in AEW!!!"  He's not in AEW…yet  Again, that may change on Sunday night, but anyway… Similar to MJF and Kenny Omega, Adam Cole is a heel[...]
Adam Cole: Will He Stay Or Will He Go?
The situation with NXT superstar Adam Cole (bay-bay!) and his contract with WWE has been a long-unfolding tale with lots of twists and turns  It all started last month when even though WWE official's assumed Cole's contract expired in December, it was actually coming to an end in July  This led to the company quickly assembling a[...]
8/24 NXT Preview- Is It The Beginning Of A New Era For The Brand?
 With the departure of Adam Cole and former Champion Karrion Kross seemingly gone to the Raw roster full time, it will be interesting to see who ascends to be the new top dogs in the yard  One thing we do know is that we have a new Champion in Samoa Joe, the first three-time Champion in NXT history, and[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
10, 2021 ( Winner: Gigi Dolin Back in the ring, NXT GM William Regal is surrounded by security guards, where he announces that at NXT TakeOver 36, Adam Cole will face Kyle O'Reilly, which will be their final match to settle everything  He then demands they both come to the ring, which they do. Regal says the match will be a two[...]
NXT Preview For 8/10- Taking Bets On Who'll Still Be Around Next Week
 Along with that, we will see Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly come face to face in the ring after O'Reilly's attack on Cole two weeks ago, along with the further adventures in the war between Samoa Joe and NXT Champion Karrion Kross. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly meet face-to-face tonight ( Catch it all[...]
NXT Preview- Gargano vs Lumis In A Love Her Or Leave Her Match
A win for Lumis, on the other hand, will finally allow their love to run free. Will Gargano put an end to the oddly mesmerizing infatuation? Or will Lumis prove that love truly does conquer all? Don't miss the high-stakes showdown this Tuesday at 8/7 C on SYFY! Aside from that, we also have Joe Gacy taking on Trey Baxter[...]
Charlotte Flair once again berates her dad, the beloved Nature Boy Ric Flair, on WWE Raw.
 Then it continued with the revelation that NXT star Adam Cole has not been under a firm contract since his deal expired in July and he has turned down WWE's offers for a continuation past the end of August  But maybe the most "huh?!" inducing news of the past week was the surprising reveal that multi-time WWE[...]
Adam Cole Contract Status: Could NXT Champ Jump Ship to AEW?
Adam Cole's contract has expired, and though the NXT star has reportedly agreed to work through SummerSlam, his status after that is up in the air Could we see Adam Cole resurrected to reunite with The Elite? Or will he choose to stay in WWE, get called up to the main roster, and promptly buried?[...]
NXT Preview For 7/27- How Will Samoa Joe Respond To Karrion Kross?
 Can anyone stop the NXT Champion? can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Karrion Kross' dominant NXT Championship reign continues tonight on SyFy ( In tonight's main event, we will see former NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed challenging Adam Cole in singles action after the two had a run-in with each other last week[...]
NXT Great American Bash Recap- Who Survived O'Reilly vs Cole II?
 The tournament begins next week. The entrants in this year's NXT Breakout Tournament, courtesy of WWE. We now see Adam Cole getting ready backstage. Zoey Stark & Io Shirai vs The Way – NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Shirai & Stark vs The Way for the NXT Women's Tag titles, courtesy of WWE. Hartwell and Shirai start it off and[...]
NXT Great American Bash Preview- Title Matches And Grudge Matches!
 Even though it's on free TV, this show is essentially a pay-per-view event for the brand and with that, we will see most of the major titles defended on the show, along with the next chapter in NXT's biggest feud. NXT's Great American Bash, courtesy of WWE. The main event tonight will surely be the rematch between former[...]
NXT Preview For 6/22- Kushida vs O'Reilly For The Cruiserweight Title
Hey gang!  In two weeks NXT will host the next Great American Bash and according to Commissioner William Regal, we're getting round two of Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole at the event  But first, the two former best friends will have seperate bouts tonight against opponents of their choosing  While O'Reilly wasted no time in challenging[...]
NXT Recap:
Hey gang!  The last time we saw Adam Cole live on NXT, he had just been defeated by Kyle O'Reilly in an unsanctioned match and was getting carried out of the arena on a stretcher and wearing a neck brace  Well, tonight we will get our first words from the former leader of the Undisputed[...]