AEW Announces $49 Subscription to AEW Heels Female Fan Community

During the inaugural Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament on Monday, AEW played a video package narrated by Brandi Rhodes for AEW Heels, a "female-focused wrestling community" that's a play on the word "heels" as both the wrestling slang term for a villain and, of course, women's shoes. Today, AEW sent out a press release announcing the launch of an annual $49 membership plan to join the community.

AEW Heels, the new female-focused wrestling community led by AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes and the stars of AEW's women's division, today announced the launch of its new fan membership platform. Powered by Wonderful Union's secure digital platform, female wrestling fans can seamlessly access AEW Heels' exclusive content and other special benefits — all in a safe environment for engaging in conversation and developing friendships worldwide.

With an annual paid subscription of $49, members receive access to a variety of features including virtual meet-and-greets, video conference discussions with industry experts, exclusive AEW talent Q&A sessions, customized merchandise, special promotions, themed parties and more. The secure space enables AEW Heels members to connect, learn and thrive together through shared passions for women's wrestling.

Membership in AEW's female-focused fan club AEW Heels costs $49 a year.
Membership in AEW's female-focused fan club costs $49 a year.


"AEW Heels is a first-of-its-kind community designed to celebrate and inspire our female fans around the world," said Rhodes in the press release. "With our new platform, we look forward to the next step in connecting the AEW Heels community and making this the best time ever to be a female wrestling fan."

The price may seem steep, but it's worth noting that charging a fee for membership can often be a good way to discourage trolls. AEW also announced the first event for subscribers, taking place this Friday.

The first event for AEW Heels members is scheduled for Friday, August 7, which is included in the annual subscription. The virtual event will be curated on the platform and feature a Q&A session with Aubrey Edwards, a social media strategizing discussion with Brandi, and a special session on respect and empowerment in the workplace with Keisha-Ann Gray, partner at Proskauer.

To sign up, head to

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