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AEW Dynamite: Without WWE Writers, CM Punk Has Run Out of Words

The Chadster has barely had time to recover from watching AEW Full Gear and he's already had to watch the follow-up episode of AEW Dynamite, some kind of punishment from Bleeding Cool TV Editor Ray Flook, who has a personal vendetta against The Chadster and is in cahoots with Tony Khan when it comes to ruining The Chadster's life and making The Chadster sexually impotent. CM Punk is a man who has been known for his words, and, in many cases during his WWE career, for the idea that he speaks off the cuff about things management would prefer he not talk about. That was the entire concept behind the infamous "pipe bomb" promo in which Punk said some very disrespectful things about Vince McMahon and WWE.

AEW Dynamite: Without WWE Writers, CM Punk Has Run Out of Words

At the same time as fans have applauded Punk for his willingness to speak his mind, fans have decried WWE's tendency to carefully control everything its wrestlers say with scripted promos created by television writers. One of AEW's core tenets is that they don't script their promos, but has this finally exposed CM Punk for the fraud he is? If CM Punk is so good at promose, why didn't he have anything to say to MJF when he came out to interrupt MJF's celebration for beating Darby Allin at Full Gear? Punk just walked out, looked at MJF in silence, and then walked away when MJF offered to shake his hand. It was as if Punk was at a loss for words.

In The Chadster's opinion, the reason Punk had nothing to say to MJF is because Punk ran out of things to say now that WWE writers are no longer writing his promos for him. If this is true, it changes everything that fans thought about Punk and maybe they will stop cheering for him so much whenever he says mean things about WWE in the future. The Chadster hatest to cheer for MJF considering how well his heel heat has worked in AEW's favor, but if it means silencing one of WWE's most unfair and disrespectful critics, The Chadster had no choice but to take MJF's side in the whole thing. Watch the segment from AEW Dynamite below.

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