AEW Revolution PPV to Spread Virally with Live Theatrical Showings

Yesterday, we learned that AEW opened up additional seating in order to bring more fans in to view Sunday's AEW Revolution PPV live at Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida. But while that move will allow the joy of AEW to spread to everyone in attendance, AEW wasn't satisfied with a regular spreading of the joy of AEW and wants that joy to be spread even wider, perhaps even super-spread, across the entire population of America.

More seating has been added for AEW Revolution, happening this Sunday at Daily's Place in Jacksonville.
More seating has been added for AEW Revolution, happening this Sunday at Daily's Place in Jacksonville.

With that in mind, AEW has partnered with Cinemark to bring AEW Revolution to select theaters nationwide. A press release from the company provides more details:

AEW, the new professional wrestling league taking the world by storm, is teaming with Cinemark Theatres to show the highly anticipated AEW REVOLUTION pay-per-view event in select theatres on Sunday, March 7, beginning at 7 p.m. ET.

Fans can purchase tickets for $20 at or on the Cinemark app to experience REVOLUTION on the giant screen. While relishing the white-knuckle action on screen, fans can also enjoy the unbeatable deals on concessions, including a large soda and medium popcorn combo for $5; $2 off draft beer; and $1 off a chicken sandwich or hot dog, in each case, where available.

The AEW REVOLUTION in-theatre experience is made possible by Joe Hand Promotions, the leading provider of live content to bars, restaurants, theatres, and other public viewing venues.

Wow! The enthusiasm for AEW Revolution sounds absolutely infectious!

"A major event, the scope of REVOLUTION requires the best theatre partner in the business, one that is capable of delivering an immersive viewing experience for fans in a controlled, socially-distanced environment," said AEW head honcho Tony Khan in the press release. "The obvious choice for AEW was Cinemark Theatres. We know that fans miss the energy and camaraderie of watching our pay-per-views together. With Cinemark's enhanced safety measures, we look forward to our fans enjoying the adrenaline-fueled action together on Sunday night."

It looks like AEW Revolution will provide the shot in the arm the theater industry needs to get back on track. Well, maybe not the shot in arm. But a shot in the arm for certain. For information, head to this link.

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