AEW Wrestlers Headed to WarnerMedia Show, AEW 3rd Hour Coming Soon

Cody Rhodes held court in an AEW conference call ahead of Wednesday's massive edition of AEW Dynamite, The Crossroads, and Sunday's Revolution PPV. During the call, Rhodes discussed the format of AEW shows with a new show, AEW Dark Elevation, joining AEW Dark and AEW Dynamite this month. But Rhodes also got to discussing the long-promised "third hour" of AEW programming on TNT. Rhodes said that he hoped to discuss that show on the next conference call, which means the show could be announced in the next three months, as AEW has quarterly PPVs and hosts a conference call before each one. Additionally, Rhodes said that something is in the works regarding AEW talent and another non-wrestling show in the Warner Media family, which includes everything from the DC Comics universe to Harry Potter to shows on TNT, TBS, HBOMax, and more.

The official logo for AEW Dynamite on TNT
The official logo for AEW Dynamite on TNT

Here's what Rhodes had to say, transcribed from the call:

I think all our shows will end up with a different format. It's a bit of a brain trust in forming those formats. Right now, the focus is AEW Dark Elevation, how we can make that different, and how we can feature our younger stars, our preliminary stars more, to get to know them. I can tell you one thing we won't do with AEW Dark Elevation is we're not gonna bait and switch. We're not gonna give you a show on night one that doesn't reflect what that show will be like the rest of the year or the rest of many years. When it comes to the additional hour of content on TNT, and I'm careful to say third hour because people sometimes think that means we're going three hours, which we are not, when it comes to that, I can only tell you that it has a name, and I love its name, but I can't tell you what it is. And hopefully on the next media call, we'll be talking about it. But it will happen in 2021. In addition to that, there's some other news featuring some other AEW talent regarding another show that is also in the Warner Media family.

Of course, we'll be on the lookout for whatever that show is, and we've already dispatched Rich Johnston to disguise himself as a potted plant and hide inside the DC Comics offices to listen for clues in case the show in question is a superhero one. Keep checking back, as Bleeding Cool is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for most clickbait articles churned out of the transcript of a pro wrestling media call, so we'll have lots more on the way from Cody Rhodes and AEW in the coming days.

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