Always Sunny, Golden Girls & More Snacks for 4/20 Viewing Munchies

It's a special day of the year and with today the need for good TV shows and forms of entertainment are necessary to truly round out a good 4/20. Make yourself comfortable, get hydrated (some of us get that dry mouth), prepare the munchies resources ahead of time, and check out some of my recommendations for stuff to watch today when you maybe get a little too high. From Hey Bear Sensory videos and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to Reba, Murderville, Golden Girls, and Documentary Now!, here's my menu of TV snacks to feed your viewing munchies:

always sunny
Sources: YouTube, Netflix

Hey Bear Sensory videos: With most of the videos being over 20 minutes long, this series is hypnotic & relaxing no matter what state of mind you are in. Sound on when playing these videos is best, that music is pretty nice.

It's Always Sunny In PhiladelphiaNo matter the season of this series, the gang becomes the perfect entertainment for a celebration of 4/20 and how everything gets heightened and odd when stoned out of your mind. Another great part of the series is the bloopers put up on YouTube from every season so far.

Golden GirlsThere's something incredibly calming about this series and from personal experience it can be a real lifesaver in a random moment of existential stuff. I suggest you grab a really good cheesecake or sweet treat before watching the show…it just simply makes the experience much better.

MurdervilleThe improv, the twists and turns, and pretty much every episode are worthy of watching when high. The one episode that will make you laugh the most features Marshawn Lynch.

RebaListen, don't judge me. This series has multitudes to it and it won't be for everyone but for some it will be the best entertainment for when they're stoned. I feel like I'm going to receive a home-cooked meal of biscuits and gravy as I listen in on good family gossip.

Documentary Now!Witnessing Bill Hader and Fred Armisen parody documentary films and styles of docuseries is funny enough when sober, but it's beyond hilarious when high.

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