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Always Sunny: Ryan Reynolds Posts Musical Ode to Rob McElhenney's Name

His Always Sunny & Wrexham families joined Ryan Reynolds for a musical birthday reminder to us all on how to pronounce Rob McElhenney's name.

From a urinal (with plaque) named in Rob McElhenney's (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mythic Quest) honor to McElhenney launching a memorial blimp in honor of Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Free Guy), the friends & Wrexham co-owners have fostered a relationship where they know so much about each other – that it makes twisting the knives on each other that much sweeter. Yesterday, Reynolds promised/warned/threatened McElhenney that something was coming his way today. Why? Because it's April 14th – McElhenney's birthday. So with that in mind, Reynold shared a video birthday message that we have a feeling will be sticking with McElhenney for quite some time.

always sunny
Image: YouTube Screencaps

The clip begins with Reynolds crooning about all of the fame & success that McElhenney has, but that it still hasn't helped him exorcise the one demon that still plagues him. That's right – our inability to say his last name correctly. So, with a little help from his friends at Wrexham as well as some of The Gang (Kaitlin Olson, Glenn Howerton & Charlie Day) and others, Reynolds devised a little ditty to help with that very problem. And the worst-best part for McElhenney? Not only is it really good… but the &$%#@&! thing is now stuck in my head for the rest of the day. So that tease Reynolds has with the YouTube video ("Would be a real shame if this became a Wrexham AFC Racecourse chant") will probably end up becoming a reality sooner rather than later. But for now, have a little fun at the end of your week with Reynolds's birthday present to McElhenney (and that means it's 2-1 in favor of Reynolds):

Always Sunny: The Ryan Reynolds/Rob McElhenney Chronicles

In the following puppy-fueled Buzzfeed Celeb interview, McElhenney and Reynolds answer questions while surrounded by the joy of puppies (who apparently have very full bladders). At one point, Reynolds is asked if he would ever appear on FXX's long-running (and record-setting) comedy. Saying he was "personally offended that I was never asked," Reynolds offered a "Hell, yes" and reminded McElhenney that they discussed him making a cameo in the past. Answering that "it can be arranged," McElhenney came up with what could be the best role possible: "Mac needs a boyfriend," before looking directly at Reynolds… with a "Great!" from Reynolds in response (beginning at 3:20 mark). Along with the puppy-playing (thanks, Petco) and the "Always Sunny" talk, the duo also discuss their favorite memories while filming Welcome To Wrexham, if there is a possible Ted Lasso cameo in their futures, and more:

Last November, the folks over at FX Networks and the "Always Sunny" Instagram accounts shared a look at Reynolds visiting Paddy's (or the set… or a set… you know what we mean), which was a nice way to dump more fuel on our dumpster fire of random speculation.

always sunny
Image: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia IG Stories Screencap

Here's a look at the brief clip, but it was just enough to convince us that not only should Reynolds play Mac's (McElhenney) boyfriend, but he should also turn out to be Frank's (DeVito) illegitimate son:

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