Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time (Image: Tor Books)

Report: 'Wheel of Time' Has Themselves a Casting Director!

We're anxiously awaiting news about Amazon Studios' upcoming live-action adaptation of Robert Jordan's Wheel Of Time book series, which was later completed by Brandon Sanderson following Jordan's passing. Today's rumor fresh from Tar Valon's eyes-and-ears (well, kinda) has to do with the possibility of casting being right around the corner. According to The Daily Trolloc, casting director Kelly […]

The Wheel of Time (Image: Tor Books)

'Wheel of Time' Tops Amazon's Viewers Most-Excited Book-Based Series Poll

Amazon Studios has some pretty impressive book-based tv series heading to screens across the world, and they decided to ask Twitter which out of 4 titles they were most excited for. The options, asked back on March 7th, were Good Omens, The Expanse, Lord of the Rings, and Wheel of Time. We were pretty surprised by which thing […]

Tom Payne's Hair: Young Aragorn for 'LotR' or Louis in 'Vampire Chronicles'?

Actor Tom Payne isn't cutting his hair anytime soon, and it could be because he's tossing his hat in the ring for two possible series where long-haired men are the name of the game. The former The Walking Dead actor stopped by for an installment of Jessie Ware's Table Manners podcast (via Metro), and sorta-kinda let a tidbit of […]

The Wheel of Time (Image: Tor Books)

'Westworld' Director Will Helm First Two 'Wheel of Time' Episodes at Amazon

FINALLY, some movement on Amazon Studios' Wheel of Time series. Okay yes, we could make all the jokes about just how long of a slog the original Robert Jordan (later finished by Brandon Sanderson) series actually is being indicative of the series taking it's sweet Two Rivers time, but, we're happy to report news about the show. According […]