Rituals Exclusive: And That's Why We Drink & Parcast Debut New Podcast

The duo behind the popular podcast And That's Why We Drink, Christine Schiefer (she/her) and Em Schulz (they/them), has a new podcast premiering on Monday, March 21st. In Rituals, Christine & Em will take listeners through a tour of the dark arts. For fans of "Harry Potter" and Fullmetal Alchemist, we'll dig into the mysterious life of alchemist Nicolas Flamel, who was rumored to have created a real Philosopher's Stone that could turn metal into gold and grant immortality. This show will be the ultimate occult variety show, evaluating historical and contemporary stories involving witchcraft, sorcery, alchemy, satanism, spiritualism, and more.

Rituals: And That's Why We Drink New Parcast, By Spotify Podcast

But don't just take our word for it… check out the following preview for Rituals:

Rituals is the ultimate occult variety show, evaluating historical and contemporary accounts of witchcraft, sorcery, alchemy, satanism, spiritualism, and more! Join Christine and Em as they take a tour through the dark arts, separating fact from fiction, exploring the events and individuals who sought to bridge the gap between our world and realms beyond. If you've ever wondered if love potions exist, bathed in healing waters, or shuffled a tarot deck, this show is for you.

About Rituals, Schiefer tells Bleeding Cool, "There are so many topics I can't wait to cover on Rituals! Having expert researchers find all the best fun facts so Em and I can explore each topic in our own way is a dream come true. I'm especially excited to cover Tarot and various witches throughout history!" Schulz added, "I'm so excited for people to finally hear what we've been working on behind the scenes. There are a lot of fun topics we'll be covering, some of which I hadn't even heard of before now! It's been a blast working on Rituals and we can't wait to show it off to everybody!" A mix of spiritual and historical stories told sounds like an exciting new road for the podcasting duo to head down. The podcast is from Parcast, a Spotify Studio. It will be available exclusively on Spotify and will be weekly 30-45min episodes.

And That's Why We Drink: True Crime Podcast Premieres Upcoming Book

"Pack up your Ouija board, wine bra, and squirt guns full of holy water … we're going on a road trip! From the hit podcast 'And That's Why We Drink', this is your interactive travel guide to the hosts' favorite spooky and sinister sights. The world is a scary place … and that's why we drink!

Jam-packed with illustrations, fun facts, travel tips, and beverage recs, this illustrated guide includes some of the country's most notorious crime scenes, hauntings, and supernatural sightings. You'll also find Christine and Em's personal recommendations to the best local bars and ice cream parlors, oddity museums, curiosity shops, and more. Explore some of the most bizarre cases you've heard on the show, as well as exclusive new content from bayous, basements, and bars!"

Every Sunday, Schiefer & Schulz dig into a new set of spooky ghost stories and true crime tales. After all, they're just here for the boos! With over 120 million lifetime downloads, And That's Why We Drink has been consistently featured in the top 20 on the comedy podcast charts and winner of the 2019 and 2021 "People's Voice" Webby Award for Best Comedy Podcast. In May 2022, the duo will release their debut book, A Haunted Road Atlas, through Andrews McMeel Universal.

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