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Paper Girls Sneak Preview: For Erin, The Future Is (Literally) Now
Amazon's Paper Girls series helps audiences get ready for the journey with a "Bike Jams Playlist" on Spotify ahead of the July 29th premiere of season one With a mix of artists and songs, such as Sleigh Bells and Doja Cat, there's an epic bop in there for anyone to enjoy. Image: Amazon Paper Girls has continued to show[...]
harley quinn
Hot on the heels of the success of their Winston Duke-starring Batman Unburied (renewed for a second season in June), Spotify, Warner Bros & DC have announced that Christina Ricci (Yellowjackets, Wednesday) will be voicing Harley Quinn to tell the popular character's origin story (from Harley's perspective) in Harley Quinn & The Joker: Sound Mind[...]
paper girls
And now, thanks to the streaming service and Spotify, viewers have a way to dive deeper into the universe ahead of its July 29th debut Head here to check out the "Time Traveler's Playlist," exactly the soundtrack you need for all your time travel needs Beyonce, Robin S, M.I.A., The Clash, ABBA, Madonna, Lil Nas[...]
Goyer, DC & Spotify's Batman Unburied coming out of the "Dive Into The Batman Audio Universe" panel at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity With Dawn Ostroff, Spotify's Chief Content and Ads Business Officer, moderating, series stars Winston Duke & Hasan Minhaj, and Warner Bros.' Executive Vice President Warner Bros Animation and Blue Ribbon Content[...]
Case 63: Oscar Isaac & Julianne Moore Spotify Original Podcast
Academy and Emmy Award-winning actress Julianne Moore and Golden Globe-winning actor Oscar Isaac have been cast in Spotify's newest scripted Original podcast Case 63 Both also serve as executive producers on the podcast The podcast is directed by Mimi O'Donnell and produced by Katie Pastore Launching later in 2022, Case 63 follows Psychiatrist Eliza Knight (Moore),[...]
After last week's two-episode premiere catapulted the audio drama to the tops of the Spotify charts (sorry, Joe Rogan), Spotify, DC & David S Goyer's (The Dark Knight) Batman Unburied is back with its next two chapters Written by EP & Batman Begins screenwriter Goyer, the psychological thriller is a deep dive into the mind of[...]
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That's right, Spotify & DC Comics' audio podcast drama Batman Unburied has unseated "Captain Conspiracy" on the streamer's charts Right now, the first two episodes (which you can check out below) are helping the series capture the top spots in the U.S., Australia, Brazil, France, the U.K., Germany, Italy, Mexico, and India (and #2 in[...]
Spotify and David S Goyer (The Dark Knight) have teamed up for an audio drama series that takes listeners on a journey into the mind of Bruce Wayne, and today's the day we get to check it out with the first two episodes of Batman Unburied currently streaming for free on Spotify (and you can check[...]
Spotify and David S Goyer's (The Dark Knight) aren't just ready to unleash Batman Unburied on the streets of Gotham on May 3rd When May rolls around, the collaboration between the streamer, Warner Bros & DC will make its debut across nine global markets Because along with the original English-language script, there will also be[...]
joe rogan
Because like us, Jackson wasn't buying into Spotify podcast host Joe Rogan's "apology" and rationale for using the N-word As a brief refresher, Grammy-winner India Arie was one of the first to publically call out and cite examples of Rogan's use of the word (24 times across 23 clips), which resulted in the streaming service[...]
Rituals: And That's Why We Drink New Parcast, By Spotify Podcast
The podcast is from Parcast, a Spotify Studio It will be available exclusively on Spotify and will be weekly 30-45min episodes. "Pack up your Ouija board, wine bra, and squirt guns full of holy water … we're going on a road trip! From the hit podcast 'And That's Why We Drink', this is your interactive travel[...]
On Monday, rocker Neil Young took to his "Neil Young Archives" site (which you can check out here) to continue his attack against Spotify, the music streamer's CEO Daniel Ek, and podcast host Joe Rogan Addressing his fellow musicians, content creators, and the company's employees in a post that also addressed banks that profit from[...]
After a week that saw the music streaming company's exclusive podcast host having to defend himself from accusations of COVID-19 misinformation as well as explain his past use of the N-word & racist jokes, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek wants everyone to know that "Joe Rogan's comments incredibly hurtful" and "that they do not represent the[...]
Did Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Lay the Smackdown on Joe Rogan Visit?
On Saturday, Joe Rogan took to Instagram in an attempt to explain his frequent use of the N-word (after 23 clips showing him using it 24 times on his podcast resurfaced recently & Spotify pulled a number of episodes) and how comparing a Black neighborhood in Philadelphia to the "Planet of the Apes" isn't racist[...]
Joe Rogan Addresses N-Word Use; "Apes" Joke Meant to Be "Entertaining"
One has to wonder if Joe Rogan knew that "damage control" was going to be a large part of his rumored $100M exclusive deal with Spotify, or if the music streaming service thought that no one was paying attention to what was going on in the podcast side of things Whatever the case, both Rogan[...]