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iHeartPodcasts & Abominable Pictures Team Up On Comedy Podcasts
iHeartMedia has announced a new iHeartPodcast slate of scripted and unscripted shows in collaboration with Abominable Pictures and Honorable Mention, Abominable Picture's audio production arm — this slate furthers the growth of iHeart's robust list of over 750 original podcasts Founded by Jonathan Stern, Abominable Pictures is the production company behind popular comedy series, including[...]
Always Sunny, Page Seven And More Best Podcasts of 2022
Podcasts have gotten us through this year in many different ways, but for me, there are some that have risen above all others From comedy to advice, the wide variety of podcasts and the topics they address will likely get us through another year in many ways Let me tell you about my top favorite[...]
I Hear Fear: Amazon Launches Horror Podcast With Carey Mulligan
Listen to the trailer now: https://t.co/Gp6r0SbnJH pic.twitter.com/hTgOQmsOef — Wondery (@WonderyMedia) October 7, 2022   Horror is a fascinating and transportive genre, one that's been mastered in mediums like television and books; however, with the intimacy of audio, the tales in I Hear Fear are sure to bring listeners an unexpected and eerie new way to enjoy psychological thrillers.  I[...]
Warren Ellis To Create Audio Drama Podcasts & The Return Of Injection
There have, however, been no updates for some time. This weekend on his newsletter, Warren Ellis revealed that one of the projects he had been writing, and referring to as Project Whittle, is a series of audio drama podcasts, the details or which have not been revealed But this is what he said about it previously. SO[...]
How Did This Get Made: Podcast Reveals August 3rd Virtual Event
It is consistently one of the Top 10 most downloaded comedy podcasts and the winner of the 2022 Ambie Award for Best Comedy Podcast and the iHeart Radio's Best TV & Film Podcast Each episode features the dissection and mockery of such extraordinarily bad films, from Drop Dead Fred to the entire Fast and Furious[...]
Power Trip: She-Hulk's Tatiana Maslany Leads Realm Comedy Podcast
Source: Realm This new scripted comedy podcast, launching Thursday, July 21st, marks Maslany's return to the world of audio following the successful release of two acclaimed Realm original podcasts based on her legacy franchise, Orphan Black Written by Mary Hamilton, Power Trip also features Grammy-winning singer Lisa Loeb ("Stay") in the role of Jane's (Maslany) overbearing[...]
India Arie Leaves Spotify As Joe Rogan's Past N-Word Use Resurfaces
And I would like to talk to some people who have differing opinions on the podcasts in the future." To be clear? It's not about getting rid of the crackpots… it's about having more crackpots for people to choose from But hey, if you're upset then just imagine how Rogan feels I mean, how did[...]
The Rock Offers Joe Rogan Some Spotify Love & Pimps Tequila
And I would like to talk to some people who have differing opinions on the podcasts in the future." To be clear? It's not about getting rid of the crackpots… it's about having more crackpots for people to choose from But hey, if you're upset then just imagine how Rogan feels I mean, how did[...]
While emphasizing that "it is important to me that we don't take on the position of being content censor," Ek admitted that the streaming service needs to make sure that "there are rules in place and consequences for those who violate them." Along with formally publishing its Platform Rules (the "rules of the road to[...]
Morbid: Podcast Announces Cinema Macabre-Themed Digital Events
Visitors included such luminaries as Katherine Cornell, George Arliss, and Leslie Howard; the latter is most remembered as Ashley Wilkes in the movie Gone with the Wind." A beautiful building from the photos alone, the Queset House will be the center of Ash & Alaina's "Morbid: Cinema Macabre." Their podcast, Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, is[...]
Bad Robot & Spotify Are Joining Podcast Forces With Christina Choi
The announcement of a multi-year deal will be sweet news for podcast fans, as Bad Robot is developing a whole unit on Spotify with the help of their head of podcasts, Christina Choi Bad Robot is rolling out Bad Robot Audio, a new division dedicated to developing and producing original scripted and non-scripted audio content[...]
Image: Audible
Audible announced a huge slate of 6 new scripted comedy podcasts featuring pretty much every comic you've ever seen or heard of who hasn't been cancelled These podcasts set to release through 2022 They join recently released Audible Original comedies Hot White Heist, Hit Job, Cut and Run, Operation Cordelia, Sorry Charlie Miller, Escape From Virtual Island, A Total Switch[...]
Marvel Podcasts
Marvel Podcasts Unlimited, the podcast channel from SiriusXM and Marvel Entertainment, is now available exclusively on Apple Podcasts The channel is a paid subscription for $3.99 per month after a seven-day free trial Subscribers get early access to a growing assortment of original new scripted and unscripted podcast series from Marvel, featuring popular characters like[...]
The official logo of the WWE.
Utilizing Spotify Greenroom, hosts will be going live after every major WWE pay-per-view event with the final rooms becoming podcasts for The Ringer Wrestling Show. To kick off the partnership, The Ringer will be on-site in Las Vegas leading into WWE's biggest event of 2021, SummerSlam, taking place this Saturday, August 21 This includes new episodes[...]
Distractible, The TryPod, & More: Britt's Top 5 Comedy Podcasts
Podcasts have a lot of range, from true crime to general news reports, and even the occasional improv ones, but there's a special place for comedy podcasts in my heart I often find myself listening to them while I'm gaming or driving, or even in a meditative state while I work on some art There[...]
Assassin’s Creed Universe: New Stories Across New Forms of Media
Ubisoft announced today that they would be expanding the Assassin's Creed Universe to all new forms of media, previously unexplored by the franchise, such as novels, graphic novels, manhuas, webtoons, and podcasts  Fans of the game series can now see their favorite world explored in different mediums, giving new creative minds the chance to expand Assassin's[...]
Five True Crime Podcasts To Creep You And Lure You (Images: screencaps)
Lately my Spotify, and even my YouTube, have been filled with mainly a history of podcasts and that might be why my song recommendations feel so old I can't get enough of them lately, but especially those centered around the spooky and true crime of the world As a bisexual genderqueer individual, listening to true crime podcasts[...]
When Spotify and WarnerMedia's DC Comics announced in June that the two were teaming up for a slate of narrative scripted podcasts that take a deep dive into every corner of the DCU, fans were wondering who or what would have the honor of being in the spotlight first Ironically, it's a hero who's not[...]