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Utilizing Spotify Greenroom, hosts will be going live after every major WWE pay-per-view event with the final rooms becoming podcasts for The Ringer Wrestling Show. To kick off the partnership, The Ringer will be on-site in Las Vegas leading into WWE's biggest event of 2021, SummerSlam, taking place this Saturday, August 21 This includes new episodes[...]
Distractible, The TryPod, & More: Britt's Top 5 Comedy Podcasts
Podcasts have a lot of range, from true crime to general news reports, and even the occasional improv ones, but there's a special place for comedy podcasts in my heart I often find myself listening to them while I'm gaming or driving, or even in a meditative state while I work on some art There[...]
Assassin’s Creed Universe: New Stories Across New Forms of Media
Ubisoft announced today that they would be expanding the Assassin's Creed Universe to all new forms of media, previously unexplored by the franchise, such as novels, graphic novels, manhuas, webtoons, and podcasts  Fans of the game series can now see their favorite world explored in different mediums, giving new creative minds the chance to expand Assassin's[...]
Five True Crime Podcasts To Creep You And Lure You (Images: screencaps)
Lately my Spotify, and even my YouTube, have been filled with mainly a history of podcasts and that might be why my song recommendations feel so old I can't get enough of them lately, but especially those centered around the spooky and true crime of the world As a bisexual genderqueer individual, listening to true crime podcasts[...]
When Spotify and WarnerMedia's DC Comics announced in June that the two were teaming up for a slate of narrative scripted podcasts that take a deep dive into every corner of the DCU, fans were wondering who or what would have the honor of being in the spotlight first Ironically, it's a hero who's not[...]
DC Comics to Become Audio Drama Podcasts Through Spotify
So that the likes of Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, the Joker and Harley Quinn may have audio dramas as podcasts Marvel Comics has recently entered this field, and the likes of Dirk Maggs has been doing such for BBC Radio 4 for decades The shows will be available free. In addition to producing all-new series based[...]
Paizo and the Glass Cannon Network Extend Partnership
An excellent game master with imaginative players can take that exchange and kick it all the way up to eleven! The Glass Cannon Network has been producing weekly podcasts using Paizo Inc.'s Pathfinder and Starfinder rules systems Each episode is professionally produced, and has gathered a loyal following of listeners Each play session utilizes Adventure Path[...]