Bayley Turns on Sasha Banks After Losing on WWE Smackdown Tonight

It looks like the long-teased and heavily-anticipated breakup of The Golden Role Models has finally happened, as Bayley viciously attacked Sasha Banks on WWE Smackdown tonight. After failing to regain their tag team championships from Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler in tonight's Payback rematch, Banks was left laying in the ring with a knee injury. Smackdown took a commercial break as medical personnel tended to Sasha, and that's when it all went down.

Sasha Banks is taken away in an ambulance after a vicious attack by former best friend Bayley on WWE Smackdown.
Sasha Banks is taken away in an ambulance after a vicious attack by former best friend Bayley on WWE Smackdown.

From our Smackdown report, which will be out in full tomorrow morning:

Sasha is still in the ring selling a knee injury after the break. She shoves away all the medics. Bayley helps her out to the apron. But then she kicks her hard in the face. Bayley assaults Sasha. She tosses her into the stairs. The piped-in boos are loud. Everone on the Thunderdome screens is making the shocked expression (hands on top of their head, mouth open wide) that no one makes in real life but everyone makes in wrestling crowds because they want the camera on them. Bayley beats the crap out of Sasha at ringside. Then she brings her inside and stomps her repeatedly.

"Is it Boss time, Michael Cole?" She smashes her face into the ground several times. "Is it Boss time Michael?" I love Bayley. She turns back to Sasha. "You deserve all of this!" She attacks Sasha's knee and then gets a steel chair and wraps it around the knee. Sasha fights back, but Bayley knocks her out with a knee to the face. She pulls her back to the middle of the ring and slams her face into the mat again. Now she puts the chair around Sasha's head and neck. She goes up top and hits a stomp on the chair off the top rope. The piped-in boos are REALLY loud now. Bayley grabs her belt. Smackdown goes to commercials.

It's sad to see such a great friendship destroyed. But on a brighter note, the long-awaited title feud between Sasha Banks and Bayley has begun. Check back tomorrow for Bleeding Cool's full Smackdown report.

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