Big Brother Season 23 E19 Recap: Attack On Britini & A Critical HOH

We're now up to the eighteenth episode of CBS' Big Brother Season 23 and spoilers are plentiful & heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article on the OTEV veto competition and Cookout alliance drama this season on Big Brother.

Big Brother Season 23 E19 Recap:
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Alyssa and Kyland, with their individual veto powers, initially only one move was a big possibility and that was Britini going up on the block replacing Derek F. In the veto meeting on day 41, Kyland used the power to remove Claire and replace her with Britini while Alyssa chose not to use it, making sense as she would be another option to have gone up. The tension flowing off of Derek F and Britini was intense, you could feel the tears and anger felt. The possibility of an unfair targeting towards Britini continues to feel more and more real in the Big Brother house. Claire pushed the agenda to have Derek F go, especially when speaking with Tiffany on the final two.

Meanwhile, Tiffany continued to entertain the idea, but casually wasn't considering it whatsoever when it comes to the Cookout alliance's importance. Derek X made a unique plea to keep Britini in the game, explaining that she could be the "shield and spear" for him and others in order to move forward against heavy hitters like Sarah Beth, Kyland, and Xavier. While some members of the Cookout alliance may not wanna go for something like it, the plan could be seen as a smart one for this Big Brother house. Derek X felt the pressure from Kyland and Xavier to throw the next HOH competition, and in his conversation on it with Claire, it became evident that she was unsafely letting a guard down for them.

The speeches from the two nominees in the eviction ceremony, Britini & Derek F, was heartfelt and funny…yet still sad to see such loveable houseguests on the block. The first to cast their vote was Xavier and he voted to evict Britini. Next to vote was Hannah and she voted to evict BritiniClaire voted to evict BritiniDerek X voted to evict BritiniAzah voted to evict Derek FTiffany voted to evict BritiniSarah Beth voted to evict Britini. And lastly, Alyssa voted to evict Britini. The results were clear, Britini was the next to leave the Big Brother house and the first to head onto the jury. In a weird and kind of f**ked up move, Julie Chen decided to say, "Big D, you are safe". Which was kind of a messed-up method of letting Britini know she was headed out and not actually safe, especially as someone who has been on the block multiple times.

The next HOH competition saw Kyland having to watch on the sidelines as houseguests played a game of course navigation and important pathway decisions. A balance beam specifically was the type of path they had to take, with any stumble directing them back to the beginning to start again. With it being a timed game, each houseguest attempted a faster walk than the previous one who went. Although many came close to de-throning her towards the end, Sarah Beth ended up winning the title of HOH. Next up is both more High Roller Room opportunities and another nomination ceremony this Sunday at 8 PM EST. on CBS.

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