Big Sky: Deadly Trails Season 3 Ep. 3 Clip: Beau & Jenny Pay A Visit

Before we take a look at a preview for tonight's episode of ABC's Kylie Bunbury, Katheryn Winnick, Jensen Ackles & Reba McEntire-starring Big Sky: Deadly Trails, we have some interesting casting news to pass along.  Country music singers Darius Rucker (from Hootie and the Blowfish) and Lyle Lovett are set to guest star this season. Lovett's Tex is a seemingly well-mannered cowboy and tracking specialist with a hidden menacing side. Rucker has been tapped to play Possum, Tex's partner & a hired gun who works at night like his namesake.

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Now here's that preview for S03E03 "A Brief History of Crime," as Jenny (Winnick) and Beau (Ackles) pay a visit to Jenny's mom (Rosanna Arquette)… but it's not a social call. But on the plus side? You get to hear Ackles' Beau say "ma'am" so there's that:

Here's A Look at Big Sky S03E02 "A Brief History of Crime"

Big Sky: Deadly Trails Season 3 Episode 3 "A Brief History of Crime": While investigating a scamming operation with Beau (Ackles), Jenny (Winnick) discovers a connection to the crime that sends her reeling. Elsewhere, a camper at Sunny Day Excursions has gone missing, and Beau's similarly stubborn daughter, Emily (Madelyn Kientz), is eager to solve the case. Yet, with Sunny (McEntire) determined to cover up loose ends, her digging might lead to more than she bargained for in the end. As all this and the hunt for the missing backpacker continue, Cassie (Bunbury) and Denise (Dedee Pfeiffer) run into a strange man on the side of the road who may just lead them down a new path.

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Showrunner Elwood Reid Previews "Deadly Trails"

Showrunner Elwood Reid shared some intel on how the season is shaping up storyline & theme-wise, as well as how Ackles' Beau Arlen will factor into the action on the screen as well as how the show's creators are approaching the new season.

Expect a Season Filled with Mysteries Within Mysteries: "There's a glamping outfit in Montana that is run by Sunny Barnes and Buck Barnes [Rex Linn]. In this family-run glamping outfit, a bunch of guests come up missing. We begin to realize, as the season progresses, that the Barnes family has a lot of secrets. They may or may not have something to do with some of these disappearances, and in true 'Big Sky' fashion, the people that disappear also have some secrets and may not stay disappeared. This season we are also doing little runner mysteries, [and] case-of-the-week formatting, in addition to our big mystery. One of the biggest reasons we're doing that is we've Jensen Ackles. He's an amazing asset, and we wanted him and Jenny Hoyt to get out there and be solving cases the week of and also, get involved in a big mystery for the season.

Expect to Learn More About Beau… and Jenny's Family: "Part of what I like to do with the show is build out their personal life. Jensen's character, we're going to meet his wife, his daughter, and the guy that his wife Mary [is with now], who's a rich guy who is played by Henry Cusick from 'Lost.' We're going to learn more about that. His daughter's up there on the glamping trip, too, as the mystery pops off. It's going to pull Beau in personally, and dealing with his wife, we're going to learn why their marriage imploded. Why did she leave him for this other guy? The other big tease for this season is we're going to learn more about Jenny Hoyt's family beyond Cody [Ryan Phillippe] and her son. There's someone from her past that comes up in one of the stories that enters into her life and shakes up her world."

Don't Assume You Know Where Beau's Romantic Interests Are Heading (And How That Could Prove Fatal): "I'll say this — Jensen has a lot of chemistry with Kylie [Bunbury], too. He's a very charming guy. Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who plays Tonya, she's lobbying, 'Can I get with Jensen's character?' Everyone wants to get with Jensen's character, so I've got a lot of takers for romantic leads for Jensen. We're going to play with that idea and tease it [a] little bit. But one thing you have to be careful with on 'Big Sky' is the minute somebody gets close, they end up getting killed. The actors get very nervous. 'If we fall in love and we start having an affair, are you going to kill us off?' We keep everybody honest that way."

Big Sky Who's Who & What's What

Brian Geraghty, Dedee Pfeiffer, Omar Metwally, and Anja Savcic also star. Rosanna Arquette (Ratched), Luke Mitchell (Blindspot), Seth Gabel (Salem), Henry Ian Cusick (Lost), Anirudh Pisharody (9-1-1), Madalyn Horcher (Gracepoint), and Rex Linn (Young Sheldon) have joined the cast in recurring roles. Also, J. Anthony Pena and Jamie-Lynn Sigler have been promoted to series regulars.

Based on the books by C.J. BoxABC's Big Sky is executive produced by Kelley, Ross Fineman, Matthew Gross, Paul McGuigan & Box and is produced by A+E Studios in association with 20th Century Fox Television. A+E Studios is the studio unit of global media company A+E Networks, LLC. 20th Century Fox Television is a part of Disney Television Studios, alongside ABC Studios and Fox 21 Television Studios. Production on the second season of Big Sky moved to Rio Rancho, NM, from Vancouver. Elwood Reid serves as showrunner and executive-produces alongside Kelley.






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