Bobby Roode Looks for Someone to Accept His Open Challenge

After being taken down from behind last week (thanks to Randy Ortin), Bobby Roode came out to have an open challenge for his title.

And I bet you can't guess who accepted…

But wait! There's more. Jinder Mahal came out, mocking Orton. Telling him he was unpopular. Telling him everyone think's he peaked. But as I'm sure we all knew, Orton doesn't give a damn. And why should he? He's been there 16 years. He really has nothing to prove. Roode, in a bold move, stuck up for Orton. Telling Mahal no one actually cared for him, and that he actually respected Orton. And he even told him people would respect him more if he stopped attacking from behind. A very fair point. Tempers clearly on edge, all three men went after each other, and Mahal sadly prevailed.

I, for one, am over this character. Sure, he's a good heel, but come on. A match between Orton and Roode would have been great for tonight's SmackDown, but yet again creative sabotaged themselves.

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