Bob's Burgers Season 11 Finale Made Us Shiver With Antici…PATION!

The season 11 finale of Bob's Burgers aired this past Sunday on FOX, and it included not only some fantastic references but also a familiar raccoon family. While Little King Trashmouth, his husband Gary, and their child attempt a meal in Linda's alleyway pop-up restaurant, Bob and Tina are headed to the movies. Bob's Burgers is taking a page out of real-life traditions, such as seeing and participating in a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening at your local theater. Developing their own cult classic film, Vampire Disco Death Dance, they step into the arena of campy classic musical films that have a hold on many hearts in audiences today.

The Bob's Burgers Season 11 Finale Had Us Shiver With Antici...pation
Bob, Tina, and friends get ready for the show. Source: FOX

From throwing items at the screen to talking back at the screen, memorized dances, and a sense of community can all be felt in this Bob's Burgers season finale. Tina finds herself in a predicament in this season finale and its one that is incredibly relatable. Friendships, whether due to school environments or those when we're older, can be difficult to establish as close to us as we'd hope. Bob, on the other hand, is dealing with the complications between wanting to share something with his teen daughter and allowing her the space to figure out these friendships with the trust that she'll figure it out.

In the end, both find comfort in both the meaning of community found in something as small as a film and the up and down absurdities of teen and adult friend groups, whether they stay or not. The love for such artful tradition, fantastic commentary on keeping or deciding on the importance of friendships, and the ways we connect were amazing. Bob's Burgers masterfully ended the eleventh season of their show. My love of television done well and the inclusion of Rocky Horror-style songs and media are what make me give this episode a glowing review. Watch the clip below for a taste of what the Bob's Burgers team used for some amazing inspiration (also ya gotta love Tim Curry). Let us know in the comments below your favorite parts of the finale!

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