Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bob's Burgers & More: 5 VDay-Approved TV Couples

There's always been an up and down variety of couples swooning across our television screens, but not all make us feel inspired or that invested. But sometimes a TV couple arrives and somehow they make people believe that healthy and loving relationships just might be possible. Sometimes the writing can either be realistic or mushy/corny, but oftentimes they still find a way to impact the way we see partnerships. Sitcoms have a way of making these couples last in our memories and our hearts with a combination of comedy and humility. Below are five of my favorite sitcom couples that remind me that love can see hardships but love is complex and enduring with the right person- from Bob's Burgers and Parks and Recreation to New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Top 5 Sitcom Couples We Fall In Love With Again And Again
Cece and Schmidt's wedding on New Girl. Source: Fox

So let's kick things off with some love for Parks and Recreation:

Leslie and Ben, "Parks and Recreation": Combine a genuine nerd with a heart of gold and a strong-willed feminist leader of a small town's parks and recreation department, you get Leslie and Ben. Not only is their love story hilarious, but it's also filled with honest moments of most relationships from compromising to figuring out futures that work for each person in the partnership. It's beautiful to see a sitcom couple that not only loves one another, but they like each other as well.

Bob and Linda, "Bob's Burgers": Most of the time animated comedies feature couples that poke fun at one another just to do so or they seem one-sided, but Bob and Linda Belcher shine through all that. They depend on one another but also showcase fun ways of letting the other be independent in what they enjoy. Respect and pure love for the other person are why they work so well together and why I love them so much.

Schmidt and Cece, "New Girl"At first, these two seemed like complete opposites with one (Schmidt) going after the other (Cece). Eventually, they couldn't deny how perfectly they fit together and fans of the relationship have loved the partnership ever since. They have individual ways at looking at life and it shows others how to make a fantastic sitcom couple work out.

April and Andy, "Parks and Recreation": This show has a way of making me fall in love with the relationships depicted. April and Andy are a fantastic depiction of millennial love growing together. What makes this a favorite sitcom couple for me is how much the pure joy of love can be seen with them and how it reminds us to take life less seriously.

Jake and Amy, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine": Co-workers, to friends, and eventually to a hilarious and loving couple. Jake and Amy find their way through not only tough times both ordinary and not, they also address real issues for couples such as the topic of having kids or workplace romance.

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